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Video transcript: Design Thinking for Good

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Sarah Agbantou (Founder of Design Thinking for Good): Hi, my name is Sarah Agbantou, I am the founder of the Design Thinking for Good community. Design Thinking for Good is here to help social enterprises or organisations with social impact initiatives to be able to leverage design thinking techniques to scale and understand their users and customers better.

David Kester (Co-founder of Design Thinkers Academy): Design thinking is all about sharing the fantastic tools and methods and approach that designs accumulated over hundreds of years, and putting those into the hands of people that really want to make a difference in the world.

Samson (The Local Electricity Project): The way in which you can empathise with the users, the people that you are trying to connect with, and try and build stories that allows you to understand their needs.

Folora Duang Arop (Jobtings): I learnt not to make assumptions. I think as a business owner, as someone that’s trying to think of a solution that benefits my customers, it’s very important that I go to them to collaboratively co-produce the solution, instead of me assuming what the solution should be.

James Adeleke (Generation Success): I learnt how the techniques, how the concept can really and truly bring innovation to organisations.

Lamia Sbiti (Xplor): I think it was really helpful to have practical applications of design thinking, so seeing some of the case studies, the different techniques, getting to practice the different techniques or hearing about some of the other techniques to understand the personas better.

David Kester (Co-founder of Design Thinkers Academy): I just saw some fantastic organisations in the room really excited about accelerating and improving the impact they can make in the world using smart techniques, using Design Thinking for Good. Sounds like a brilliant idea.

James Adeleke (Generation Success): The team have done an amazing job. They really enable us to get a high level overview of Design Thinking for Good and also allowed us to really sample it in a short space of time.

Sarah Agbantou (Founder of Design Thinking for Good): The way that we work is we offer deep dive workshops and we bring the best that PwC has to offer. So we leverage the PwC existing network, and we use the Design Thinking technique throughout the deep-dive workshop.

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