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Transparency Report 2021 - Audit culture transcript

Ensuring we have the right culture, the right guidelines to perform the work we do, will ensure we have a high quality audit

The audit behaviours are team first, challenge and be open to challenge, and take pride. They give something to focus on and work towards to enhance audit quality. 

Team first

Team first is about investing in my personal and professional development. Team first is important because it helps us to gather our people together, make sure we are working collaboratively, and delivering a high quality audit. 

Team first is about providing every individual on our teams with the highest quality coaching. By different team members having different perspectives, we’re really able to get under the heart of what the client’s telling us. 

During my whole onboarding process, and when I joined new jobs as an associate, senior managers really made an effort to get to know me and this made me feel more comfortable delivering my thoughts and doing good quality work. 

Challenge and be open to challenge

Challenge and being open to challenge ensures that we ask the right questions. It’s important that we all make a safe space for challenge, and role model constructive challenge. 

For me, challenge means asking the right questions and ultimately reaching the best quality outcome. 

Take pride

Take pride is important because it gives us an opportunity to recognise the achievements of all the individual team members. At the end of every job we take pride in the work we do by getting together and celebrating our successes. 

I take pride in all of my work, and it’s the behaviour I think that underpins why we do what we do as an audit practice. 

Take pride is about appreciating that audit is a deep specialism. 

I am proud to be an auditor.

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Hemione  Hudson

Hemione Hudson

Head of Audit, PwC United Kingdom

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