Frictionless Futures: Enhancing customer experience

An immersive experience powered by PwC’s intelligent platforms

What is Frictionless Futures?

Frictionless Futures is an immersive experience, in our Manchester office, that brings to life our tailor-made, comprehensive and secure technology solutions. Powered by PwC’s intelligent platforms for retail, built on Microsoft and activated by AiFi and IFS, it’s the next step in the evolution of serving customers.

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Improve interactions, strengthen operations and drive growth

The value of frictionless is clear. Frictionless technologies enable consumers to enter premises, pick up products, and leave without the need to scan, queue, or check out. From entertainment venues to convenience shops, grocery stores and more, the demand for fast and seamless experiences continues to grow: 41% of consumers are now willing to pay more for a product they can purchase quickly and easily.

For businesses, frictionless technologies provide rich data on how customers shop, what they want and how they interact with products. This insight can be used to transform: faster transactions and seamless processes, better customer experiences and personalisation, more agile and sustainable supply chains, and ultimately greater real value.

Balancing customer expectations with the need for security and resilience

As reliance on technology grows and cyber threats increase, businesses need to deliver secure and resilient experiences that build trust, drive sustained growth and enhance customer experience.

Embedding cyber security across the end-to-end value chain from the outset and implementing the right strategy to protect critical technology functions is key in a frictionless environment. But, it goes further than simply protecting an organisation and staying ahead of the ever-evolving threat landscape. It enables exceptional customer experiences, reduces friction and increases loyalty.

Explore how businesses can create secure and resilient experiences with frictionless technologies.

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Getting the right customer insights to create a seamless, differentiated experience

As organisations grapple with disparate data and unconnected journeys, gaining a single view of the customer is key. By connecting the right information to the right individual, businesses can turn data, interactions and touchpoints into rich insights to create a seamless and personalised experience that increases loyalty and encourages higher customer lifetime value.

Discover how personalised customer experiences drive value in a frictionless environment.

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Combining data, technology and expertise to improve ESG performance

As businesses turn ESG ambitions into action the need for increased transparency, visibility and accountability has never been greater, from customers wanting to see progress on sustainability to regulators demanding robust ESG reporting, improving ESG performance is now crucial.

Frictionless experiences bring rich data insights and powerful technology solutions together to improve data quality, visibility and supply chain transparency, enabling businesses to gain a fuller picture of their progress on ESG.

Explore how frictionless experiences enable customers to shop more sustainably and to make data-driven decisions.

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“Frictionless technologies allow businesses to truly understand their customers needs and wants.”              

Lisa Hooker
Leader of Industry for Consumer Markets, PwC

“Organisations can enable exceptional customer experience that reduces friction, builds trust and delivers sustained growth.”

Oz Ozturk
Head of Technology Alliances, PwC

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