Customer Led Transformation

Balance insight, imagination and technology to better understand your customer, differentiate experiences and unlock responsible growth

Your customers have changed. They work and consume in new and different ways.  They have less to spend and demand sustainability, security and a brand they can trust to behave responsibly. 

With greater choice than ever, they won’t accept values that don’t match their own. Only ambitious businesses that transform for the better around their customers will meet expectations and grow responsibly. 

But that means doing something out of the ordinary, to challenge outdated industry ideas and reimagine the customer experience. It means creating experiences based on customers' needs and behaviours, and using technology, data and insights to innovate, improve outcomes and build long-term customer loyalty.

Above all, it means building strategies that drive sustained outcomes across customer, commercial, social and environmental goals. 

At PwC, we combine brilliant ideas, passion and expertise with the power of technology and a unique combination of capabilities - from deep industry knowledge to broader capabilities across tax and deals - to help you change for the better around your customer and to create responsible growth. Whether you’re looking to reinvent your customer experience strategy, transform operations or improve customer insight, we’re with you every step of the way.

Combine creativity, insights and powerful technology to transform your customer experience

We help you target your customers for more effective and ethical outcomes, improve the end-to-end customer experience to build long-term customer loyalty and expand your reach through innovation and market entry strategies based on deep customer expertise.

Connect with the right customers in the right way for sustained outcomes

Through more effective and ethical targeting you’ll realise significant benefits, including reduced customer churn, increased engagement, better upselling capabilities, improved sales and enhanced supply chain performance.

Working together, we'll help you truly understand what your customer expects from communications and interactions. From there, we’ll establish the capabilities required to meet those needs, and create an improvement strategy to deliver responsible growth.

That includes getting control of your data, making sure it’s in the right formats, tools and systems to give a single view of your customer, and help you target them more safely, accurately and ethically for less.

It’s an approach that delivers a wide range of benefits, from greater efficiencies and improved return on investment, to improvements across sales and marketing functions.

Understand your customer to deliver a differentiated experience and build loyalty

Improve customer insight and operating efficiency across your marketing, sales, service and related business capabilities. Then deliver a more profitable and differentiated customer experience by creating a consistent approach to increase conversion, improve engagement and build long-term loyalty.

By undertaking a rapid, holistic review of your customer experience, we’ll analyse and benchmark the quality of your current offering  and capabilities against expectations and competitors. From there, we provide a set of priorities, targets and steps that deliver change and improve your understanding of your customer.

We’ll also help you think creatively about how to tailor offerings and experiences that reflect their wants, needs and demands, using insight to think and act empathetically, to enrich relationships, innovate experiences and show care.

This results in happier, more informed and supported customers, a more profitable and growing business, and increased market share.

Embrace innovation and unlock new markets to expand your reach

Learn where - and how - to broaden your offer to current customers for sustained and long-term revenue growth. Consider entering new markets, launching new products and reaching new segments to overcome market saturation, high levels of disruption and to offer customers more choice. 

When you can combine genuine understanding of customer needs, market knowledge and the right technology, you can change at pace and  put yourself ahead of the competition. Working together, we’ll use data and insight to understand where you can, and should, innovate and expand. 

It could be helping you identify unmet customer and market needs, develop a business case to address them or create and launch compelling new products and services - from prototype to scaled business across everything from design to technology and operating approach.

From enhanced brand reputation and customer retention, to greater revenue and growth, we’ll help you embed and scale innovation within the organisation to realise lasting success.

Transform your customer experience strategy with a human-led, tech-powered approach

“Organisations that align with their purpose and values and truly understand their customers, employees and partners will be best placed to achieve responsible growth.


We can drive this growth through transformation that combines strategy, insights and technology to help organisations respond and adapt to stakeholder needs effectively.”

Will Stevns,
Customer Led Transformation Leader, Midlands Consulting and Financial Services Lead, PwC United Kingdom

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