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Customer Led Transformation

Organisations can no longer afford to chase growth at all costs: Responsible Growth means truly understanding what matters to customers, staff, partners, citizens or patients, and delivering outcomes for all your stakeholders - not just shareholders. Through business strategy, insight, experience, and a secure adoption of technology, we can help you unlock enduring responsible growth.

Responsible growth through greater connections 

While growth begins with better predicting the right connections, and engaging in the right context with customers, responsible growth is achieved by organisations that best align with their purpose and values, and who share their passion.

It isn’t just about giving people what they want now. It’s about understanding what matters to them and creating stronger connections so you can shape what’s next. But it can be difficult for organisations to achieve this by changing one touchpoint alone.

We believe there are six levers for growth: experience, marketing, sales, service, pricing and innovation. Pulling the right combination for your organisation will not only unlock growth today but help you get ahead of change and remain relevant tomorrow. Each lever must meet the needs of all the organisation’s stakeholders to ensure it is truly responsible growth.

The Consumer Reconsidered

Understand how consumer behaviours are evolving, what that means for you, and reveal how to create a strategy that creates better connections with consumers, builds trust and unlocks sustained success.

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Our portfolio of Customer-Led Transformation solutions enabled by our technology alliance partners helps rethink the way people connect, transact and engage with your company.

“To achieve responsible growth, organisations must better predict and adapt to the changing demands of their customers with greater authenticity and speed: we deliver that growth through strategy-led and technology-enabled transformation that has a core focus on influencing the perception of your organisation and behaviour change of customers, employees, and partners.”

Dr Colin LightStrategy& and Customer Led Transformation Leader, PwC United Kingdom

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"We're one of the world's leading professional services organisations. From 150 countries, we advise some of the most successful organisations on the globe, as well as its most dynamic entrepreneurs and thriving private businesses. Join us and you’ll work closely with the best in industry, finance and government in the UK and abroad, bringing fresh insights and motivation to the problems they face."

Roberta Carter Head of People, Consulting
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Dr Colin Light

Dr Colin Light

Strategy& and Customer Led Transformation leader, PwC United Kingdom