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Let drones take your business operations to new heights

Drones are becoming an increasingly familiar aspect of life and work in the UK today, playing a growing role in areas ranging from emergency services to construction to oil and gas.

During a time when organisations are under pressure to be more efficient, innovative and ambitious, drones offer a unique lens on the world below, providing new and valuable insights. Gathering data quickly and accurately from hard to reach places, drones create a single version of the truth in near real time. This can make a crucial difference in managing costs, controlling risks, increasing efficiency and influencing outcomes.


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How our drones specialists can help you

Survey and mapping

Drones are typically faster and cheaper than traditional methods to survey land. They improve visualisation of the site and facilitate collaboration with one source of truth in the cloud. Additionally, they can detect a change in volumetrics and help decisionmakers get closer to the truth.

Programme management

Through their combined imagery and sensor capabilities, drones can offer a view of the live status of any project including adherence to design and schedule. This data can be integrated with existing modelling or resource planning information. 

Asset management & maintenance

Drones can navigate your assets quickly and efficiently to identify infrastructure degradation, allowing you to enhance the control and maintenance of your critical assets. And instead of putting your people at risk when exploring an asset, drones can take on those risks.

Public safety & emergency response

Drones are being effectively used across emergency services supporting firefighters, search and rescue operations and law enforcement. They can provide first responders with an overview of the situation and ensure they understand what could be required before going in. 

Environmental monitoring

Drones provide a new dimension when utilised for environmental assessment and reporting, from assessing crop health to detecting hazardous substance leakage. They can also be equipped with sensors to assess air quality and pollution levels.

How can we help you?

We combine the right people, experience and technology to give you intelligent outcomes. Our sector-specific expertise and ability to integrate drone data with other technologies, such as machine learning, puts us in the unique position to unlock the true value of drones, and embed long-term benefits at a strategic level across your organisation.

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What questions should you be asking?

  • How vulnerable is your business model to drone-driven disruption, and how soon will that disruption arrive?
  • What game-changing openings are there within your market, and how can you take advantage of them?
  • Do you have the talent, data and technology you’ll need to do this?
  • How can you build transparency and trust into your drone platforms and applications?

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Euan Cameron

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Craig Roberts

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