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Supporting you with contact centre capacity and telephony capability during COVID-19

The COVID-19 pandemic means that many people are trying to get information from organisations. They could be looking for advice on the Government support schemes, trying to access their bank account or they’re looking to rebook their holidays. Demand for call centre support has reached unprecedented levels meaning your “Business as Usual” functions are likely to be stretched. You might be facing challenges with remotely handling your calls, feeling pressure from an increase in demand or be dealing with additional privacy and cyber security risks. We can help keep your critical business operations moving, at pace.


The challenges we can help overcome

‘Business As Usual’ call handling capability

The COVID-19 restrictions mean that contact centre teams aren’t able to be in their usual buildings with their PCs. For many companies, their technology struggles to support remote operations, so Team Leaders may have the ability to work from home, but not the bandwidth or expertise to deliver remotely day-to-day. This can impact customers, create regulatory complications and mean that downstream processes aren’t completed and customer queries build up.

Impact of increased demand

You’ll likely be experiencing an increase in demand with people looking for information about how COVID-19 impacts their business or personal circumstances. This could further stretch your call handling teams and cause concern to your customers if response times are slow. If these queries and queues are allowed to build over a period of time, this will not only lead to an increase in complaints, but also potentially significant reputational and regulatory impacts for you and your business.

How we can support you 

We’re here to support you with contact centre capacity quickly and efficiently. Our team are trained and experienced in call handling and customer contact. Our resources are ready and able to be mobilised in hours, helping you at short notice. Our people have the tools and technology to work remotely and run secure, encrypted call recording on their PwC mobile phones and laptops.

During the pandemic, we have successfully transitioned over 1,500 people to a remote working model within Operate to deliver client programmes and 22,000 across the whole of PwC in the UK. We’re here to help you deliver and our agile operating model means that we can tailor our support to your needs. Whether through providing burst capacity support to handle a peak in demand, logging complaints, or providing a triage of incoming calls. We can scale up or down, and adapt our working hours, as situations evolve and your needs change.


Case Study

Challenge:  A national high street retail business required additional contact centre resource within 48 hours to deal with extra employee demand following a notice of administration

We established a dedicated telephone line, routed via a Hunt group to our teams’ mobiles allowing us to carry out systems training remotely. Our call handlers, all of whom had experience of dealing with sensitive issues and vulnerable customer groups, delivered their role from home, via encrypted PwC laptops and secure links to client information. Whilst remote, all team members were led by performance metrics. As well as daily team meetings, the communication of key messages was carried out in real time, and individual weekly performance meetings took place remotely, replicating the standard  Operate office-based solution.  

Outcome: The team of 12 successfully managed and responded to over 700 calls in the first three weeks from distressed employees, explaining their specific rights, and helping them understand the administration process and support available to them. The project was reactivated after the initial three weeks and the team answered more than 200 calls in the first day. End of day management information and client reporting was made available, and our team scaled up and down as required in light of call volumes and complexity. 


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Mark Hollebon

Director, Customer Management, PwC United Kingdom

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