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Business in Focus podcast series

Our podcast brings you the latest insights and practical advice, helping you navigate change with confidence. Hear from diverse voices on the issues that matter - from the UK’s top business leaders to athletes, psychologists and politicians - helping you respond to today's most important challenges. 

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Latest episode

Net Zero, one bite at a time

We all know we need to get to net zero - and fast - but the challenge has always been putting it into practice. The scale of change required - and the amount of time to make it in - makes for a daunting prospect. Where do you start? (Especially when you're a huge, complex organisation)? Which is why we've invited Jude's ice cream, a certified B Corp and makers of carbon negative ice cream - to talk through their transformation journey and how purpose and the disruption of the pandemic became the catalyst for change.

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Rowena Morris, James Wright, Zubin Randeria
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