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The term “strategy” can mean different things to different people, and this is as true in universities as it is in the corporate world. However you define strategy, its importance increases dramatically as a market goes through pressure or change, something that certainly applies to the Higher Education landscape at the moment.

In this Summer 2018 issue we look at some of these big strategic challenges that universities are grappling with, some of the ways in which these can be analysed, and the tools that universities can deploy in response. The articles include:

  • The power of choice discusses the need to make clear strategic choices in respect of the future of each institution
  • Apprenticeships – challenge or opportunity looks at the role that the changing apprenticeship landscape is playing as both threat and opportunity for HE institutions
  • Managing risk in Higher Education analyses the risk registers of 37 universities
  • Differentiation through employability reviews different approaches to improving employability
  • Investing for the future outlines some of the issues in raising finance to develop the estate
  • Aligning cost to strategy describes our approach for helping universities to best allocate scarce resources to the delivery of strategic priorities.
  • Course correction  discusses some of the measures that universities can take in response to unexpected bad news

Previous editions

HE Matters Spring 2015

In this spring 2015 edition of HE Matters, we have articles considering the VAT minefield when delivering education across international borders, our annual look at the emerging themes from HE Audit Committees, and we highlight potential claims that can be made from Research & Development Expenditure Credit (RDEC).

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HE Matters Estates Special

In an increasingly competitive market, where all Universities are striving to offer their students, staff and visitors the most positive and rewarding experience possible, the quality of the built environment , the accommodation offering and the delivery of estates services are playing a more critical role than ever before.

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