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Internationalisation is a hot topic on the agenda of many UK universities with increasing revenues coming from overseas students and international branch campuses. The need to offer diverse programmes run by top academic talent and the highly competitive nature of obtaining research funding, means more universities have employees working internationally than ever before. This presents a number of different challenges, as well as opportunities, for Higher Education Institutions (HEIs) to think about.

In this autumn 2017 ‘Internationalisation’ edition of HE matters, we explore the bigger strategic picture through the experiences of other countries, followed by some of the more immediately pressing tactical aspects that will underpin success for UK HEIs. The articles include:

  • Delivering academic excellence in emerging markets discusses the different approaches to academic governance from nations hosting overseas universities in the Middle East.
  • The US perspective explains how colleges and universities in the USA are adapting to the global environment.
  • Global mobility and the importance of getting it right emphasises having sufficient HR processes in place to manage and control the increasing number of employees with an international reach.
  • The tax agenda delves deeper into the latest regulatory and tax implications of internationalisation – in the UK and overseas.
  • Travel security risks in Higher Education explores ‘physical security risks’ such as terrorism, theft and travel incidents.

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