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What is Gov.Tech?

Driven by entrepreneurs using modern technology to disrupt the norm and deliver innovative products and services that users really want, Gov.Tech has the power to transform public services, achieve better for less and improve outcomes.

But what is Gov.Tech? There are three important ingredients:

  • Using digital to deliver new and better ways to enable citizens to engage in their communities and receive the public services they need.
  • Fuelled by new technologies, joining up data and services in a mobile, connected world.
  • Created by entrepreneurs, innovators and Small and Medium sized Enterprises (SMEs) – often people who have worked in public services and can see exciting new ways of delivering improved outcomes and more efficient public services.

Just as FinTech is a disruptive force in Financial Services, Gov.Tech has the power to transform the delivery of public services, achieve better for less and improve the user experience.

Why is Gov.Tech good for Britain?

Great for government and the public sector

Gov.Tech can help Government to provide public services that are cheaper, can be adapted to changing demand and can reach more people by introducing new and fresh ideas from other sectors.

For example, with over 250 million central government transactions still completed offline every year at a cost of £14.70 per hour to the taxpayer, the opportunity for cost saving is considerable.  

Great for citizens

From a citizen’s perspective, using Gov.Tech solutions should bring better services and user experience, one-stop shops and more engaged communities. Savings made will allow funds to be re-directed to more valuable public services.

Great for business

The Government is serious about getting the four million businesses that drive our economy more involved in Public Administration, and is creating unprecedented access to external contracts. With greater devolution, this spend will create jobs and growth in communities across the UK.

“In a connected world, how the citizen wants to deal with government is changing driven by the possibilities opened up by new technology.”

PwC Gov.Tech ReportSeptember 2016

The growth of Gov.Tech

With growth of 189% in investment in Gov.Tech suppliers in the UK over the past 2 years the future looks exciting. How is Gov.Tech growing in the UK, and how does that compare to Europe and beyond?  

Source: PwC Gov.Tech Report, September 2016

Agenda for action


Government and the public sector, business and tech entrepreneurs and the funding community need to work together to realise the full potential that Gov.Tech driven innovation can have on the relationship between the citizen and the state. 

Purchasers and commissioners

There is a need for purchasers and commissioners – including CIOs and Heads of Digital and Innovation - to explore new ways of bringing small businesses and technology driven innovation to public leaders and policy makers. Similarly officials can open up policy making further and engage earlier with SMEs. And there is a need for a change in culture, to be willing to accept the risks of procuring SMEs (with their smaller balance sheets), as well as a supportive regulatory environment. 

Big businesses

Firms like PwC also need to play a part – whether working alongside and/or partnering with SMEs - to nurture and accelerate their growth, helping them to access crucial early stage finance and acting as brokers, introducing innovators to public sector clients to explore the art of the possible and new forms of joined up service delivery. 

Funding community

Venture capitalists, private equity and crowd sourcing platforms have the opportunity to enable Gov.Tech players to access the early stage funding needed to scale up and introduce their innovations to the public sector.





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