Palmer & Harvey Group

Matthew Callaghan, Ian Green and Zelf Hussain of PwC were appointed joint administrators of the following on 28 November 2017:

1.    Palmer & Harvey (Holdings) PLC;

2.    Palmer & Harvey McLane Limited;

3.    Palmer & Harvey McLane (Holdings) Limited;

4.    P&H (1925) Limited;

5.    P&H Direct Van Sales Limited;

6.    P&H Sweetdirect Limited;

7.    P&H Direct Limited; and

8.    P&H Snacksdirect Limited

("the Companies")

The appointment was made by London High Court on application by the directors of the respective companies. 

WS Retail Limited is another group company and entered administration on 15 December 2017.

Palmer & Harvey McLane Limited is the UK’s largest delivered wholesaler to the UK convenience market. It has around 90,000 customers ranging from small local corner stores to the UK’s largest supermarkets. It operates a delivery network of 14 regional distribution centres which supplies up to 12,000 product lines. P&H Direct Limited provide product delivery services to independent retailers and food outlets.

The group has been by hit by challenging trading conditions in recent months and efforts to restructure the business have been unsuccessful. This has resulted in cash flow pressures and it has not been possible to secure additional funding to support the business.

The P&H Group (including WS Retail Limited) employed c.3,400 employees and it has unfortunately been necessary to make c.2,500 immediate redundancies at head office and the branch network. WS Retail Limited are unaffected. The remaining employees will assist the joint administrators in managing the activities of the business to an orderly closure.  Currently 450 employees have been retained within the wholesale business.

With the support of its secured creditors, the business was able to ensure the payment of November payroll.

The administrators are continuing to explore options for a sale of P&H Direct Van Sales Limited, P&H Sweetdirect Limited and P&H Snacksdirect Limited (collectively the Vans business), all subsidiaries of Palmer & Harvey McLane (Holdings) Ltd. In the meantime, the business has ceased to trade but all c.450 employees have currently been retained. There is significant interest in the Vans business and the administrators will be exploring all opportunities.

Further information for employees, suppliers, customers, landlords and pension stakeholders can be found on the respective links on this page.

Documents available to download

Administrators' progress report for all companies - 20 June 2018

Remuneration report - P&H Direct Limited - 15 June 2018

Remuneration report - P&H Sweetdirect Limited - 15 June 2018

Remuneration report - P&H Snacksdirect Limited- 15 June 2018

Remuneration report - P&H Direct Van Sales Limited - 15 June 2018

Remuneration report - Palmer & Harvey McLane Limited - 15 June 2018

Remuneration report - Palmer & Harvey McLane (Holdings) Limited - 15 June 2018

Remuneration report - Palmer & Harvey (Holdings) PLC - 15 June 2018

Notice of Administrator's appointment for all Companies

Joint administrators' proposals for achieving the purpose of the administration 

Appendix C - copies of the statements of affairs 

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