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The Hive: The creative space for the digital age

The Hive is a new investment from PwC and Google that allows us to work together to create new business models, innovations, and most of all engage with businesses from across Europe, EMEA and the world.  It includes PwC’s first ‘Google Lab’ in Europe, providing a specialist hub that brings together the best talent of our global firm to tackle the biggest business challenges. 

What is in the Hive?

The Hive fosters a new and collaborative way of working with businesses from across the world to deliver digital transformation.  These means that we can leverage digital approaches and tools in every project, delivering faster time-to-value and greater agility.

Within the Hive we have crafted dedicated spaces for imagining, for creating, for exploring and above all, delivering.  We’ve worked with Google to create the Google Lab - A space which enables collaborative working and delivery to happen in one immersive space.  The Workshop is where we reimagine how to combine powerful new devices and sensors in collaboration with our emerging technology R&D team.  And there’s the Impact Zone for shared, virtual learning and community events bringing together start-ups, innovators, entrepreneurs, and creative minds.                    

What are Hive Labs?

The Hive Labs  involve structured sessions that are tailored for each business and industry, from;

  • disruptive strategy exploration, to
  • innovative learning and
  • conceptual prototypes.

These labs can last from two hours to two weeks, covering topics such as “You can build an app,” “You will be hacked,” “You can win in social media,” “Reimaging work” and “Delivering You, 2.0”.  Here’s the full Hive Menu:

You can build an app ½ day

You will be hacked

½ day
You can understand the cloud ½ day
You can change how you learn ½ day
You can win in social media 1 day

You can understand agile

1 day
You can understand design 1 day
You can understand digital 1 day
Main events  

Reimagine work

An introduction to how digital approaches and tools can help your work better, faster and with more personality.

2 - 5 days 

Reimagine IT

An introduction to how you can easily make your IT function more responsive to changing business needs, and a better place to work.

2 - 5 days 

Reimagine Security

An introduction to how to take advantage of new technology and approaches to protect you from cyber threats.

2 - 5 days 

Reimagine Value

An introduction to taking a goals-based approach that leverages digitals channels to deliver value to your stakeholders.

2 - 5 days
After work  
Delivering You, 2.0 Individually tailored
Delivering solutions Individually tailored
Social learning Individually tailored

Each lab mixes the best of expertise, collaboration, and creativity, with the overarching view that isn’t just about technology or creating a specialised digital strategy, but creating business strategy for the digital age.

Send us an email to Hive, and look out for regular events and meetups.  

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Paul Terrington

Head of Consulting, PwC United Kingdom

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