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PwC Research is our in-house global centre of excellence for primary research and evidence-based consulting services to an international client base. PwC Research works with a diverse range of businesses from those in regulated businesses such as financial services and utilities to technology firms, pharmaceutical companies and public sector clients. We help clients that need to better understand important communities of interest such as customers, employees, citizens and channels to market.

Our research provides the evidence and insight that can drive strategic change, support decision-making and help organisations mitigate risk and build trust into core business processes. Primary research can be a critical tool to allow businesses to meet compliance requirements, identify service performance gaps and better meet the needs of customers or employees.

Optimisa Research Limited has been acquired by PwC and will expand our existing research consulting arm, Research to insight (r2i). The new merged business is now called PwC Research.


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Helping you with

Customer insight

Engaging with customers to understand needs, priorities, barriers to change or to create a better experience, drive loyalty or deliver enhanced customer outcomes.

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Employee insight

Engaging with employees to help manage organisational change, understand culture, manage conduct or drive engagement with the business.

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Market insight

Getting heard above “the noise” with meaningful thought leadership insights that grab attention, holds interest and helps businesses gain competitive advantage.

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Strategic advice

Providing strategic research advice to develop insight programmes that deliver clear benefits, are less complex and that do not duplicate existing business intelligence.

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Global research methodologies

  • Online surveys
  • Computer aided telephone interviewing (CATI)
  • Face to face executive interviewing
  • Focus groups and ethnography

Insight tools

  • Diagnostics
  • Analytics
  • Data visualisation
  • Interpretive reporting

Connected insights

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