Cloud and Digital Transformation

Harness the power of cloud and data to unlock value everywhere across your organisation

Go beyond migration. Reinvent your business.

The rapid evolution of cloud and data technologies is the driving force powering digital transformation, disrupting markets and impacting all facets of an organisation. And while it promises unbounded opportunity to reinvent business models and embrace continuous transformation, harnessing these technologies effectively can be an exciting but overwhelming prospect.

No matter where you are on your cloud transformation, it starts with getting the foundations right and focusing on the business outcomes you want to achieve. Whether you’re looking to accelerate the use of advanced technologies such as GenAI, secure your business, create value ahead of a transaction, build your data strategy or take action on net zero, we’ll help your organisation transform at speed.

Success requires a change of mindset. This is more than a migration, it's about becoming a transformative enterprise - one with the right structure, culture and tech to get and stay ahead of disruption, to create and protect value continuously. 

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Unlock value everywhere with cloud

Find out how to transform into a cloud-powered organisation, capable of delivering better results for stakeholders and society. Our human-led, tech-powered approach brings together deep functional expertise, cross-industry knowledge and tech excellence to ensure your transformation is valuable, safe and sustainable.

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Cloud and data transformation services

Connect the business ‘why’ with the technology ‘how’ to accelerate business outcomes, powered by cloud and data. Find out more about our end-to-end transformation services.

Strategy and Transformation

We transform your cloud strategy and help you to navigate the right business outcomes you want to achieve. We start by looking at how cloud can add value to your organisation across the entire enterprise and we connect it to your C-suite agenda. We provide an end-to-end solution from building a business case, identifying cloud providers and managing risk, all the way through to implementation and measuring value.

Technology and Cloud Operations

With cloud, we can accelerate GenAI adoption and innovation, enhance data and adopt innovative technologies to power your digital transformation. By partnering with our experts and technology alliances we’ll transform your entire technology ecosystem to drive long-term value. We don’t just implement technology, but work with you to leave a transformed organisation with new capabilities and a stronger technology ecosystem.

Application and Data Modernisation

Our application modernisation solutions help you to rebuild your legacy systems with new cloud-native architecture and increase agility, flexibility and scalability across critical business functions. Through our data modernisation solutions, your business can benefit from the power of Artificial Intelligence and machine learning to create more intelligent and high-performing customer experiences.

Data Strategy

A good enterprise-wide data strategy can generate value for your organisation by improving decision making and operations, as well as creating opportunities to monetise your data assets. Your data strategy, powered by cloud, can also accelerate the use of advanced technologies such as GenAI. We’ll work with you to find the right tech and cloud provider to power your data capabilities and build the infrastructure and governance to protect the value.

Industry Cloud Solutions

Set your business apart from the competition. Our Industry Cloud Solutions deliver tailored and valuable business outcomes for your organisation. By combining sector specialism and expertise from across our network with powerful technology alliances, we’ll help you to get the most out of your digital transformation through cloud solutions and deliver impact to your business in real-time.

Cloud & Application Managed Services

We run, and optimise, your complex functions - to continuously improve and deliver sustained outcomes. We bring together our industry and domain specialists and solution architects with your teams to design and build solutions with you. Our experts will work with you, collaborating across IT, finance, risk, tax and compliance functions to unlock value everywhere, while also helping you evolve, fill your skills gaps and find new sources of value through continuous innovation.

“Cloud, data and technology offer organisations the chance to reinvent themselves. Harnessing that opportunity requires a change of mindset, a bold vision and the right strategy to unlock new sources of value and achieve true agility.”

Warren Tucker,Partner, UK Cloud and Digital Lead, PwC United Kingdom

UK Cloud Survey

Discover how to overcome skills, leadership and budgetary challenges, using data and technologies such as GenAI to transform your organisation and unlock new revenue streams.

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Our technology alliances

Joining forces to transform businesses.

We've developed strong alliances with a number of technology companies including AWS, Google, Microsoft and more. By combining our expertise with our alliance partners' technology, we’re helping businesses solve their most critical business issues.

We partner with AWS to accelerate breakthrough outcomes and drive real, tangible value by focusing on bold outcomes. Bringing together a human-led, tech-powered approach with cutting-edge technology and a sharp strategy, we can help you realise the value of cloud to amplify and redefine your business.

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By combining our deep industry perspective with Google's end-to-end integration support, we help you modernise your operations and push boundaries to enable your cloud-powered reinvention. We go beyond migration to unlock the full potential of the cloud and to deliver the digital insight needed to push boundaries.

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Together, with Microsoft, we power cloud-based, business-led change with our deep industry expertise coupled with technical implementation of the Azure cloud platform. We can help you transform around your goals by unlocking new value and driving impactful, measurable and sustainable results.

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