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Drive change, level up and enhance your organisation by putting complex, large-scale digital transformation at its heart.

Transform your whole enterprise to survive and thrive

Every business in every industry is facing a constant need to transform. The combined forces of climate change, technological disruption, demographic shifts, a fracturing world and social instability are reshaping the business environment. Customers, colleagues and broader stakeholders have new expectations around business purpose, engagement and impact. All of which creates opportunities for growth as well as new risks and challenges. So much so, that nearly 40% of CEOs question the economic viability of their companies in a decade from now if they continue on their current path. (Source: PwC CEO Survey, 2023)

For leaders in this new reality, surviving and thriving depends on the answer to three questions:

  1. What business will you be in tomorrow?
  2. Are your capabilities fit for that future?
  3. What will it take to make the change?

Answering these questions means going beyond incremental change to create an entirely new kind of enterprise. One that is sustainable, tech-powered, skills-led, agile and connected enough to adapt to exponentially increasing external and internal pressures. One that is constantly transforming.

To make this possible, we take an holistic approach to organisational design and capability development that starts with purpose and vision and ends with an entirely agile, digitally enabled enterprise that overcomes the rigid, hierarchical silos that can lead to enterprise failure.

Because all work is a human enterprise we engage with and include your people to co-create ideas and solutions from the start and throughout your change programmes. The difference between successful and unsuccessful business transformations particularly enabled by technology is the investment you make in the skills and understanding of people. Success depends on your people embracing new skills, shifting their ways of working and adopting where needed the culture of your enterprise consistently across every business function - from Customer, Operations, Finance and HR.

We take a human led, system-wide, holistic view of the change necessary to fund, prioritise and manage big, complex interdependent programmes of work and give you the assurance and confidence to be strong change leaders supported by our trusted solvers who will deliver for your business.

How we can help

PwC has the insight, reach and scale to design and drive successful whole enterprise transformation.

To make this possible, we take a holistic approach to operating model, change and transformation management. One that anticipates and adapts to constant disruption and connects change activities together around the needs of your customers, people, communities and shareholders.

Our services are aligned to key challenges our clients face at the start and throughout the transformation journey:

Transformation Business Case and Benefits

We help you to build your transformation business case and set out a compelling narrative that enables your organisation to commit to a transformational change journey or initiative. Our approach is collaborative and focused on bringing together diverse perspectives across business, experience and technology to align critical stakeholders from the start and throughout. The case includes:

  • Strategic vision and narrative
  • Deep industry insight
  • Analysis of options and a recommended approach
  • Cost benefit analysis
  • Evaluation of risks
  • Implementation plan

Enterprise Operating Model Transformation

From business model reinvention to cost-reduction, successful enterprise transformation depends on looking holistically at your operating model - designing the new capabilities, structures and ways of working you’ll need to be agile across functions and changing with people, skills and value in mind. Our approach covers:

  • Operating strategy, visioning and conceptual business model design
  • Future proof organisation assessment and to-be organisational structure design
  • End to end process design and optimisation
  • Purpose driven operating model design and initiatives
  • Activity value analysis and cost optimisation initiatives
  • KPI definition and value tracking
  • Enabling workforce strategy and design
  • Roadmap of enabling technology architecture to underpin new operating models

Enterprise Programme Management

Every business is dealing with continuous change impacting customers, employees and extended partners and suppliers. Digital programmes combining talent and new technology are significant business investments and assurance of tangible business outcomes is essential. Yet many transformation programmes and projects deliver disappointing results because the basics of strong delivery leadership are not in place. A dedicated transformation management office can deliver significant value by optimising a portfolio of projects looking holistically across the business ensuring continuous progress towards broader strategic objectives. Our approach expedites value, optimises investments, manages business risk, gives rapid focus and controls for delivery, builds strong leadership governance and provides insight for decisions that focus on agreed outcomes and benefits. Our approach includes:

  • Portfolio strategy, business case development and benefits management
  • Transformation programme design and architecture
  • Transformation office governance and execution
  • Strategic portfolio optimisation and management
  • Programme quality assurance and risk management
  • Delivery programme remediation and recovery

Enterprise Change and Transformation

The magnitude of change and speed at which it is needed is impacting every business. Leaders must ignite and manage change with wisdom and insight as a fundamental part of their role. This sets a new bar for transformational leadership as well as proven and effective enterprise change interventions. The drivers for change are instrumental in shaping direction and priorities including: new business models for growth, acquisition or divestments, product or service innovation, digital innovation and technology advancements, delighting customers and enhancing their experience, regulatory compliance, environmental and social responsibility or building people engagement and new skills. Our expertise spans the business transformation spectrum of strategic enterprise change, technology driven change or continuous change to create better business performance. Our approach is human led, agile, flexible and uses collaborative design and working methods and our solutions include:

  • Transformational leadership and strategy
  • Complex change planning and execution
  • Organisation design
  • Communication and engagement
  • Culture and behavioural change design and deployment
  • Skills development, change readiness and learning for new ways of working
  • Tailored change management for multiple technologies to assure adoption and people productivity e.g. SAP, Oracle, Salesforce, Workday, AWS, Microsoft, Google and a wide range of AI and Cloud technologies.

Transformation Managed Services

It can be challenging to scale the specialist capabilities you need to manage the complex portfolio of projects and programmes in your business. Through an extensive transformation managed services network we provide unique services which are easily mobilised, flexible and cost-effective. Our highly expert teams cover business analysis, project and portfolio management and leveraged change management delivery, which helps to reduce risk and increase controls and quality in your organisations key programmes of work. Our transformation services provide extensive visibility across your project portfolio, leverage leading data insight tools and provide intelligence to plan and prioritise scarce resources in the areas that will have the greatest impact and avoid costly transformation delays. Key services include:

  • Analysis, programme and project management and delivery execution
  • Augmented change management delivery
  • Agile and scalable resourcing models across a range of highly qualified talent and locations
  • Competitive cost rates and flexible commercial models  

“Whole enterprise transformation is the only viable response to disruptive change across industries and markets. This means going beyond improving how things are done now, to embracing new business models, markets, products, services and value chains. Those that do will become a better business for their people, communities, customers, investors and broader society.”

Tina Marron-Partridge, Enterprise Transformation Leader

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