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Pharmaceutical Services Negotiating Committee: Estimating the value of community pharmacy

In response to the Government’s proposals to change the basis on which it funds community pharmacy, the Pharmaceutical Services Negotiating Committee (PSNC) commissioned PwC to examine the social and economic contribution of community pharmacy in England in 2015. The work provides an evidence base with which to assess the value of community pharmacy activities.

Our report analysed the value (net benefits) to the NHS, to other parts of the public sector, to patients and to wider society of 12 specific services provided by community pharmacy above and beyond its dispensing of pharmaceuticals.

Our approach

Our analysis examined the value added by community pharmacy’s delivery of each service in 2015 in England. We compared the estimated value of each activity undertaken in 2015 with the funding received from the public sector, both the NHS and local government to estimate their net value. In this way, we identified the benefits associated with each service because the value exceeded the payments made by NHSE and local funders to support provision of the services.

A key element of our approach was consideration of whether and how each service would be provided without community pharmacy.

For each service, we mapped the likely impact of these changes using patient pathways and logic models.

We then identified the volume of activity and the value provided in each transaction/intervention.

We then used a combination of existing research, official statistics and our own primary research undertaken alongside PSNC to estimate the value of each service.

Results and link to the report

We estimated the value that community pharmacy provides to different stakeholders; in particular, we compared the cost to the NHS in providing each of the services considered in the report with the value generated by them.

Our report was published and shared with key stakeholders.

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