Finance consulting: Put your finance function at the centre of your business to deliver efficiency and results

Rethink finance strategy

As the only team with a genuine oversight of the whole organisation, finance must sit at the heart of any modern business. And our finance consulting team can help you realise this. We'll work with you to deliver the bold transformation your finance function needs, whether that's new finance technology, a better operating model, or the expertise to create data-driven insights. 

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Finance benchmarking

An organisation’s performance can be improved, but it’s hard to know where to focus efforts without a clear understanding of the current situation. Before making changes to your finance function you need to know where you’re performing and where there are gaps that leave you behind the market leaders. That’s where finance benchmarking comes into play.

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Finance technology

The expectations that organisations have of their finance functions have undergone a significant shift in recent years. While the traditional finance role, acting as the “scorekeeper” and maintaining an accurate system of record continues, the introduction of advanced technologies means there is increased potential in the capability of finance functions. As such, finance departments are expected to do more than they used to and faster. This often includes providing deep financial insights and strategic thinking, partnering with the business to drive performance, as well as delivering more sophisticated reporting to harness the power of data.

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Finance Performance Management

Businesses across the UK and around the world are facing a period of economic uncertainty, which is challenging them on all fronts. Volatility in the markets, rapid changes in technology, savvy customers, and tighter margins all add up to an atmosphere where performance can be hindered.

In this situation your business needs to be making financial, strategic and operational decisions based on accurate data, and be agile enough to respond to the pace of change. Finance performance management can help you create a strategy to outpace your competitors.


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Finance shared services and outsourcing

Whether you’ve got a mature SSC, a Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) deal due to expire or are just thinking about shared services, there are key benefits to be achieved.

Reduce costs while having greater transparency and control over processes. Monitor data more effectively and enforce company-wide standards enforced more easily to get better business insight. We’ll help you design, build and deliver a finance shared service centre that makes this reality possible.


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Finance Operating Model

How you set up your Finance function, in particular your structure, your use of shared services/outsourcing, the skills of your retained function and the technology and processes your teams use, is integral to the success of your business. It dictates how your finance function delivers value, and if it’s not fit for purpose in an age of rapidly evolving technology and shifting consumer behaviour then opportunities for growth will be missed.


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Beyond Change

People and organisations are facing change. You need an adviser that understands this change and provides certainty. One that can show your organisation what’s possible. One that reshapes your strategy and defines the skills and technology required to deliver the transformation you need. Whether refining or reinventing what you do, we’ll help you see beyond change, to opportunity.
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