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Contract Counsel

Software built on human insight and trained by our lawyers to enable yours

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Contract Counsel

One solution, two modes. Pre-screening: Portfolio Analysis

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Contract Counsel is a sophisticated contract risk analysis solution that brings together PwC’s unique combination of legal expertise, legal operations experience and technology excellence, to optimise contract review across the entire contract life-cycle.

It leverages powerful semantic analysis and machine learning algorithms to understand the context of an agreement in its entirety and then conducts a granular risk analysis at a sentence by sentence level in accordance with your risk playbook and the training provided by PwC UK.

Available in two modes, Pre-screening & Portfolio Analysis, Contract Counsel caters for both individual contract review prior to signing and a mass review of contracts during negotiations or remediation exercises.

What are the benefits?

Our lawyers understand the challenge of unlocking efficiency as well as the complexity of driving change; we use Contract Counsel to solve this fundamental problem.

Enhanced worklfow and collaboration features

Better risk management

Significant time saving

Concrete audit trail

Standardised risk review process

Reporting analytics and visualisations

What are the benefits?

How does it work?

Pre-screening tells you what’s wrong with a contract

Contract Counsel analyses one contract at a time and assists your lawyers (and those with delegated authority) by highlighting which clauses and provisions fall outside the contractual risk parameters of your organisation, prior to the contract being signed. In addition to delivering a ⅓ time saving (compared with a 2 year PQE lawyer), because your organisation’s risk appetite is codified in software it means work can be delegated to less experienced teams. Enabling your people to spend their valuable time on higher value work.

Pre-screening Mode

Contract Scanning

When the user uploads a contract, Contract Counsel screens it to understand its’ clauses.

Conduct Risk Review

Once scanning is complete, Contract Counsel highlights and categorises clauses and sentences against your organisation’s risk playbook, flagging risk as appropriate.


Where risk is flagged, the user may need to collaborate with a senior colleague or specialist team. Contract Counsel enables teams to collaborate to collectively review key clauses and risks and arrive at a position in line with organisational policy.

Reporting and Audit Trail

Contract Counsel provides management reporting dashboards to help leadership understand how agreements have been reviewed and entered into, as well as a complete audit trail of all automated risk profiling and team collaboration.

Portfolio Analysis assesses risk across thousands of contracts at one time transforming Legal due diligence and executed contract remediation

Contract Counsel analyses the risk across huge volumes of contracts. Providing detailed risks scores that are relevant to the particular due diligence or executed contract remediation exercise at hand.

Portfolio Analysis assesses various kinds of risk across thousands of contracts at one time

Portfolio-Analysis Mode

Multi-stakeholder Project Spaces

During a Legal Due Diligence or Executed Contract Remediation exercise, the project manager creates project spaces to enable Legal SMEs, external advisors and business teams to divide work efficiently and collaborate effectively.

Portfolio Risk Review

When the users upload contracts, Contract Counsel applies the same granular sentence by sentence risk analysis that it does in pre-screening mode, but leverages its impressive computing power to scale its intelligent analysis across an entire executed contract portfolio.

Risk Profile Reporting

Once the risk analysis is complete, Contract Counsel categorises the documents, providing a view of the risk profile across the portfolio.


Contract Counsel’s features then enable collaboration, coordination and workflow between Legal SMEs, external advisors and business teams, so that the risk profile can be addressed as necessary.

Reporting & Audit trail

Contract Counsel consolidates data and delivers key metrics through highly effective visualisations, providing senior management with a snapshot of all projects, their status as well as an audit trail of all automated risk. At a holistic level you can see contract types, party mentions, risk level scores and affected jurisdictions.

Client Stories

Delegation to other functions

Legal teams are under constant pressure to cut costs and deliver more with fewer resources. One way in which they do this is by delegating de minimis responsibilities to other business functions, like procurement. Contract Counsel facilitates this shift by enabling an easily managed and standardised contract risk review process prior to signing whilst maintaining close collaboration with your legal team.

Reducing Repetitive Review

In-house legal functions often review hundreds of the same contract type weekly, absorbing a substantial amount of their time. Contract Counsel’s ability to analyse multiple contract types and receive on the job top-up training by your lawyers results in the algorithm being tailorable to the specific contracts you come into contact with frequently. It enables a ⅓ time saving in the review process; allowing your lawyers to focus on greater priorities.

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