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Optimising your legal function

To thrive, legal departments must improve service levels by thinking creatively about where and how legal services get delivered.

Legal departments are increasingly turning the spotlight on operations in a bid to increase innovation in delivery methods, control costs, and to improve quality.

Our team combines PwC consulting methodology, data analytics, in-depth knowledge of the legal market and delivery of legal services to provide a structured approach to identify improvement, effectiveness, time, and cost saving opportunities.

We can help you get to the heart of the challenges that your legal department faces. By drawing on our market insights, we provide objective evidence-based solutions to create the optimal operating model.

Addressing the biggest problems facing in-house legal teams

We have matched our core offerings to meet the key challenges facing the market and our clients:


We bring our experience to help our clients collaborate effectively and create strategic roadmaps that redefine and finesse how legal departments see themselves.


We work with clients to redesign their organisational structures, operating models, and delivery mechanisms to create bespoke solutions.


By analysing empirical data, we validate the baseline of our clients’ as is operations, taking an objective view to present a series of quantified and tiered cost reduction options. We then help to implement these in a sustainable way that meets their long term strategic visions.


We help our clients to navigate the crowded and fast-moving LegalTech market to assess and procure the right solutions. We also assist our clients in maximising their return on investment by deploying and configuring LegalTech in the optimal way.

Our NewLaw services

Law Department Consulting

Our Law Department Consulting team combines PwC consulting methodologies, business analytics and in-depth knowledge of the delivery of legal services to provide you with a structured approach to identifying, quantifying and sequencing improvement opportunities in your function.

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LegalTech Strategy

Our experts can help you navigate the crowded, fast-moving market to assess, procure and implement the right LegalTech to achieve your goals and return on investment.

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Project Implementation and Legal Operations

Once your strategy is set, we can assist you to operationalise it, whether that’s implementing new processes and LegalTech, facilitating the business to self-serve or providing you with legal operations as a service.

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Managed Legal Services

Our offering brings together the expertise of a law firm with best in class technology and process excellence, providing you with an optimised service that acts as a seamless extension of your in-house team.

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Contract Remediation and Repapering

We can run your contract remediation and repapering projects from start to finish, using our global network of lawyers, best in class technology and offshore delivery centres to ensure we balance quality with cost considerations.

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Legal Due Diligence

Legal due diligence is a critical part of any M&A transaction. It needs to be done thoroughly and forensically, but also at an appropriate price point.  Our team of specialist due diligence lawyers can provide you with a tailored, tech-enabled service and are experienced on both buy-side and sell-side on domestic and cross-border deals.

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