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Business-critical support on data protection

We advise on the full spectrum of data protection matters. We work with our clients to fully embed data protection and accountability into their organisational culture and practices: in order to support business strategy. This includes:

Build fairness, trust and transparency

Build fairness, trust and transparency in how customers’ personal data is used and ensure they can exercise their rights easily across your supply chains in order to develop positive customer relationships

Focus on customer data

Organisations are far more likely to undertake data processing that benefits the user rather than themselves if they focus on customer data, which also builds trust, brand loyalty and increased revenue

Increased role of technology

Clients can create an environment of trust within the actual data and technology layers by building and ‘coding-in’ data protection outcomes into the data itself

Move beyond ‘compliance checklist’

Move beyond the ‘compliance checklist’ and build data protection into the heart of your organisation’s purpose and practice – this is not just a one-off change programme or a series of business activities designed to avoid a fine, it is the reality of today’s modern, customer-centric business

Board level ownership of data protection

The Data Protection Officer or the legal department is typically cited as the de-facto accountable owner of GDPR programmes and the day-to-day data protection practice, but the board needs to take on proactive ownership roles

How we can support you

  • Develop strategies and operating models to optimise your data use whilst remaining legally compliant
  • Review and assess your data protection activities to help you understand your strengths and weaknesses
  • Build data protection into your core business strategies and vision
  • Develop and manage national and international compliance projects, business transformation and innovation
  • Provide specialist advice and support on a day-to-day basis by acting as an extension to your data protection office
  • Provide cyber and data security incident response and breach disclosure support
  • Provide support with regulatory investigations and enforcement actions, civil and criminal litigation and crisis management

Tier 2 ranking - Legal 500 2020

"PwC LLP’s data protection team comprises legal professionals alongside risk professionals, operational specialists, consultants, strategists and cyber security experts to provide comprehensive data protection advice including compliance issues, breaches and e-privacy work."

"The group provides expert knowledge, which is clear, concise and pragmatic, which makes it a pleasure to work with."

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We have individuals with expertise across numerous fields and sectors including GDPR, direct and digital marketing, commercial contracts, subject rights handling and artificial intelligence. We're trusted by some of the world’s largest private and public sector organisations to ease their journey to complying with numerous data protection regulations (e.g. GDPR, DPA 2018, PECR, etc) in a client centric, creative and commercially focussed manner.

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