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Transform your legal function with GenAI

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For in-house legal teams, transformation is now non-negotiable. GenAI in particular has a critical role to play in helping legal become an enabler of continuous, business-wide growth.

We’ll help you accelerate change and transform effectively by bringing together a diverse team of experts, data-backed insights and the latest technologies. From empowering lawyers to deliver impeccable work, faster, to delivering greater growth and value for the wider organisation, we’ll transform how your team operates.

We’ve seen first hand the extraordinary potential of GenAI through our exclusive global alliance with GenAI start-up HarveyAI. Built on OpenAi and ChatGPT technology, Harvey handles large volumes of data and complexity with ease, delivering richer information and faster solutions than ever before, allowing individuals to focus on more valuable tasks and drive ongoing change. By bringing together our industry and functional expertise with broad tech skills - and crucial experience of implementing and working with this technology - we’re able to help you unlock the transformative potential of GenAI.

But, how will technology such as HarveyAI redefine the legal function? And will people still remain relevant? In our latest video series, our people discuss how technology is helping legal transformation, and why people still need to be involved to deliver the change and growth an organisation needs.

A human-led, tech-powered approach to legal transformation

Although previously seen as an afterthought, ongoing legal transformation must now become a priority for those looking to drive wider business growth, and organisations that are slow to transform their legal functions risk being left behind. Discover more in our ‘Transform legal to transform business’ report.

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Be the disruptor, not the disrupted

Leading technologies such as GenAI offer legal teams the chance to fundamentally reinvent how they work and what they do. Our experts explore how we’re helping clients unlock the transformative power of technology to realise ongoing value.

It’s essential you have lawyers - human lawyers

While technology is important for effective transformation, find out why people and culture will remain critical for continued success, from overcoming bias and mitigating risk, to using expertise to deliver results that make the difference.

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