Legal Services: Entity Governance and Compliance

Helping you navigate the increasing responsibility of regulation, risk and legal entity management.

Significant regulatory change has focused the importance of having robust corporate governance and compliance controls in place.

Our team can advise on these issues, working with businesses to review, design and implement corporate governance infrastructure to manage their legal entities. This is key to reducing liability, optimising cost and managing risk.

What sets us apart

Digital Director Training

Equip your Directors with the right knowledge and understanding of their legal duties and help them navigate this complex regulatory environment. We offer specilaised training delivered through agile learning with 24/7 access to online training across 100 countries.

See a recent client case study to see how we’re working with our clients.

Cost Estimator Tool

We have developed a Cost Estimator Tool which helps clients identify the predicted costs for managing their Global Governance and Company secretarial Function. The output from the tool can be used by organisations to formulate the business case to change their current model or way of managing their global legal entities.

See a recent client case study to see how we’re working with our clients.

Corporate Governance Regulatory Assessment

UK and global regulation, stakeholder engagement and an increased focus on ESG has brought Corporate Governance-led issues to the fore, making them a priority for the C-Suite across all industries. Corporate Governance requirements and disclosures now feature part of new and proposed laws and regulations, and our experienced team can help you navigate these.

See a recent client case study to see how we’re working with our clients.

How we can help with Governance Transformation

The need to transform approaches to corporate governance has never been greater with the focus on directors’ liability being a key theme for the Law Commission, UK Supreme Court,UK Government and EU Commission.

Creating the optimal corporate governance operating model, with a transparent policy framework and defined controls enables companies to be compliant within a regulatory environment. This protects directors and investors; allowing governance to promote business development through strategic engagement with internal and external stakeholders.

Key features of our governance transformation support:

Success stories: navigating business challenges together

In these unprecedented times, we continue to help organisations tackle their most pressing business challenges. Read how we've supported clients to optimise performance and how we are working with them now to adapt to a changing world.

See a recent client case study to see how we’re working with our clients.

How is ESG impacting businesses?

The move by governments to introduce changes to tax policy and enact new regulations are acting as a catalyst for companies to deliver against their net zero commitments. This in turn is propelling ESG up the agenda for both boards, investors and stakeholder groups

Watch our webcast series or read the summary article for more detail on the new challenges and opportunities facing legal and cosec teams on the path to ESG transformation.

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