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Compliance on the forefront: Setting the pace for innovation

2019 State of Compliance study

The six habits that drive effective compliance programme performance

Our 2019 Global Risk, Internal Audit and Compliance Survey of 2,000 executives (half in risk roles) shows that as organisations move through digital transformation, digitally fit compliance programmes help leaders make better decisions and take smarter risks based on their knowledge of existing and changing regulations.

The stakes from digital initiatives are high, in opportunities gained and potentially costly compliance requirements missed. To plan for regulatory shifts in evolving areas like data privacy or responsible AI, a compliance programme’s digital fitness must match that of its organisation. If not, gaps across the lines of defence will widen, and entry points for risk will grow. Compliance and ethics programmes that are digitally enabled and data-driven bring a clearer line of sight into evolving regulations so leaders can anticipate and plan for risk—and seize opportunities.

Where digitally fit compliance and ethics programmes stand out

Go all-in on the organisation’s digital plan


Upskill and inject new talent to move at the speed of the organisation

Find the right fit for emerging technologies

Enable the organisation to act on risks in real time

Actively engage decision makers of key digital innovations

Collaborate and align to present a consolidated view of risks

Setting the pace for innovation

Compliance and ethics programmes are at a critical juncture. They must identify regulatory and compliance risk early in digital initiatives so their organisations can rapidly respond. That requires programmes to offer new services and use new and existing data sources in fundamentally different ways. Now is the time for compliance to operate in a radically different way: one with a digital core.

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