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Rethink the value internal audit can offer your organisation. Our NextGen Internal Audit approach brings a new perspective, fusing technology and critical thinking to enable you to be decisive, innovative and competitive.

It’s clear over the past 12 months that organisations have been rethinking risk and exploring new opportunities. Internal Audit has a critical role to play in response, in keeping the business safe and helping it to perform at its best. Internal Audit’s mandate and scope has become more complex and at the same time, the function should be ready to deliver greater value. Our NextGen Internal Audit approach brings a new perspective, fusing technology and critical thinking to enable you to be decisive, innovative and competitive. NextGen Internal Audit seeks to challenge preconceived ideas about the scope and focus of Internal Audit and, building on our traditional services, takes them to a new level to ensure we are not only relevant but shaping the agenda for change.

Our refreshed approach, captured in the concept of Internal Audit as a true ‘Performance Partner’, is still people-led but now encapsulates a much broader service offering, enabled and enhanced by digital and data excellence and underpinned by quality, precision, rigour, intuition and flexibility. It can be tailored to meet the needs of any organisation, helping it perform at its best regardless of size, sector or geography. NextGen Internal Audit is about delivering an experience that is forward-looking, strategic and focused on value creation.

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Your Performance Partner

Our services

NextGen Outsourcing

We have taken our traditional outsource service to the next level, recognising the importance of a flexible approach that can be tailored to meet each organisation’s needs. We have developed a series of ‘made to measure’ sector and segment specific outsource blueprints, underpinned by Centres of Excellence dedicated to individual sectors.

NextGen Component Sourcing

We have reimagined how we can best support in-house Internal Audit functions. In addition to looking for a partnership that can supplement your own team with subject matter expertise or additional experienced auditors, we can also provide a comprehensive suite of component managed services. These range from our innovative Digital Partner offering to upskill and enable your own team or provide a tailored data analytics service for you; provision of controls and compliance testing by our controls Centre of Excellence; delivery of your critical foundation and back office activities; and acting as your innovation and strategy partner.

NextGen Advisory

NextGen Advisory is focused on providing insight needed to support you in times of change and when there is heightened risk. Our capabilities can be divided into three broad categories: Internal Audit function set up and development (including key foundational areas such as planning, methodology, training, quality assurance and the Internal Audit “brand”); Internal Audit transformation; and External Quality Assessments.

"A strategically focussed Internal Audit function, powered by technology and delivered with expertise and experience is at the heart of good governance within an organisation. At PwC we strive to constantly innovate and develop our services, drawing on digital, data and personal skills to add value through all stages of the internal audit process; providing assurance, helping clients to manage their risks and ensuring business operations are as efficient as possible."

Justin MartinUK Internal Audit Leader


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Justin Martin

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Rebecca Cooke

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