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Rethink the value internal audit can offer your organisation. Our NextGen Internal Audit approach brings a new perspective, fusing technology and critical thinking to enable you to be decisive, innovative and competitive.

The mandate and scope of Internal Audit functions has become more complex and we have responded. For our Internal Audit business and the profession as a whole, progression is essential. NextGen Internal Audit seeks to challenge preconceived ideas about the scope and focus of Internal Audit and, building on our traditional services, takes them to a new level to ensure we are not only relevant but shaping the agenda for change.

Our refreshed approach, captured in the concept of being our clients’ Performance Partner is still people-led but now it’s a much broader service offering enabled and enhanced by digital and data excellence and underpinned by quality, precision, rigour, intuition and flexibility - so it can be tailored to meet any client’s needs and help them perform at their best regardless of size, sector or geography.

NextGen Internal Audit is about delivering an experience that is forward-looking, strategic and focused on value creation.

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Your Performance Partner

“We have evolved our approach to help you fundamentally rethink the value that Internal Audit can bring. A new generation of strategically-focused people, powered by digital innovation and data excellence, will collaborate with you to improve both the performance of your internal audit function and the value it offers your organisation.”

Rebecca CookeUK Internal Audit Leader


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Rebecca Cooke

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Clare Geldart

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