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Experience consulting

Consultant helping clients innovate and design better futures for their customers and employees

We do this by co-creating with organisations, using an agile multidisciplinary approach to design new products, services and experiences that are driven by insight, our understanding of what makes a truly great experience and our ability to measure against tangible growth outcomes.

Recognised as a Forrester-rated Leader in the Q4 2019: Global Digital Experience Agencies Wave™, our Experience Consulting team helps clients innovate and design better futures for their customers and employees.

How we help clients

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Design and build great experiences that drive growth and transform businesses

Customers today expect excellent experiences, regardless of brand or industry. Experiences that bring value to companies in terms of better reputation, retention and reduced cost to serve. By measuring and tracking experiences against critical dimensions, we focus our creative energy on the right challenges and understand where we can help improve them to create lasting impact.

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Strategic growth into new markets through new products and services

We help clients create new growth opportunities by designing and delivering next generation products and services that extend their capabilities. Our holistic approach brings together multi-disciplinary teams across foresight, insight, business, experience and technology to create robust value propositions and highly desirable minimum viable products. Through the use of primary and secondary research, rigorous foresight and a deep understanding of brand, experience strategy and design, these products are then fit to become strong players in the most competitive markets.

Experience has never been so important, but what makes a great one?

Great experiences always have a few things in common - they’re distinctive, personal, engaging and coherent. We know that brands that deliver all four of these experience dimensions consistently - dialling up and down depending on the situation - benefit from improved revenue, reputation and retention growth compared to their peers.

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Our proprietary ‘3M’ methodology involves three simple steps: Measure, Map and Make. Underpinned by tried and tested Human Centred Design and Service Design methods and tools it enables us to successfully and quickly navigate what and how to improve so that future experiences drive measurable growth outcomes.

“It’s been such a pleasure to develop our strong relationship with PwC to incorporate digital innovation and break down the barriers to accessing the arts… making The Old Vic and our work as open, accessible, unintimidating and inspiring as possible.”

Olivia HighlandCo-Director of Development The Old Vic

Designing a future through active inclusion

We believe that diversity of thought and experience plays an important role in creating positive outcomes - for individuals, clients, society and the planet - and we want to be a part of shaping that inclusive future.

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A young person performing as part of the D&ADs New Blood Shift programme

Sponsoring untapped creative talent

D&ADs New Blood Shift programme, a night school for young untapped creative talent, shares our understanding of the value of design in driving successful transformation. Our sponsorship of the 3-month long programme in 2018 and 2019, involved mentoring the Shifters, teaching Customer Experience, Designing with Empathy, and the business value of design, as well as challenging them with solving real client strategic challenges. 

New Blood Shift 2018 New Blood Shift 2019

Designing with inclusivity

Our team has been researching Inclusive Design theory, to enhance our existing design process and challenge ourselves to create even more accessible products and services, that can be rigorously tested. We’d love to share our methods to support other designers, so we created an inclusive design toolkit. The kit focuses on the different needs of the human form, from vision to dexterity and cognition, along with a set of activities and review checkpoints, designed to actively educate through design doing and experimentation. Stay tuned for an upcoming release date.

Our thoughts and perspectives

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The pandemic is forcing companies to focus on experiences their clients expect, while mobilizing them to accelerate product and service innovation.

Building inclusive cultures takes grit, hard graft and raw emotion

Learnings from a creative team on their journey towards an inclusive culture —with all of its ups and downs.

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Paul Terrington

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