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Application integration

With the sheer speed of technological change the need to maintain and improve your IT infrastructure is important if you want to continue to meet the needs of clients and customers, but as you add new applications to the mix communication problems between new and legacy systems can quickly arise.

By integrating your systems you get proper communications between all platforms, giving your business a joined up picture of your customers, which helps you deliver for them.

There has been rapid change in application integration over the last ten years. What were once big, costly, and potentially risky projects, are now much more straightforward to execute thanks to the emergence of new integration technologies.

Why invest in application integration?

There are two realities that many businesses face, and they often rub against each other. Firstly, you need as much data on your customers as possible and that data has to be brought together to give a complete profile of them. Secondly, your technology base is composed of multiple systems, many of which don’t communicate effectively if at all.

This issue can be made worse with older legacy systems, which are costly to maintain and often not well understood. Changing them can be costly and carries the danger of data loss and issues around security, so many have to be left in place.

Completely replacing systems with more modern alternatives simply isn’t practical for many organisations, but if you operate with fragmented applications your employees can’t work accurately and efficiently.

Application integration brings all your existing systems together, allowing easy data transfer between each area of your business. As a result business agility is increased, you can seamlessly add new applications to legacy systems and your staff can focus on what’s important: satisfying customer needs.

Our approach to application integration

No two integration projects are the same. So we use our experience and expertise to understand your business, its customers and your challenges. By maintaining a focus on business results we’ll deliver the solution that is right for you.  

We understand that decisions are often made to address immediate business needs. As these needs shift the products or services you sell evolve and the markets you operate in change and grow, and what you have in place often isn’t fit for purpose.

Working closely with you we will analyse your existing technology architecture, understand your current needs and future plans, then help you choose the integration system that will help you achieve success.

Our application integration toolset

Application integration can be achieved by a variety of systems, but our long experience in the sector has resulted in us forming alliances with two widely recognised leaders:

  • Mulesoft is in use by thousands of organisations around the world and offers a complete integration solution.

  • Oracle Fusion Middleware is part of Oracle’s enterprise applications suite, and offers versatility and solid reliability.  

From initial scoping to implementation and on-going support, rest assured that PwC has the depth of expertise and breadth of experience to deliver results through a successful application integration project for your business.

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