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Marketing Automation: making your marketing and sales more effective

Digital technology has changed how your customers behave. Where they interact with your brand, how they expect to purchase, and what they demand from their relationship with your business has entered a new era of personalisation.

A study by Janrain revealed that 75% of customers expect communication and content tailored to their interests. To maintain your relevancy and continue to grow you have to deliver the right message, to the right customer, at the right time, through the right channel. 

Our marketing automation services can help you get a better return from your marketing activities by reducing costs, increasing leads and driving sales.

The benefits of marketing automation

Improved ROI on your marketing activities is the primary benefit of integrating marketing automation software into your business. A VB Insight report found that 80% of companies using marketing automation platforms see increased leads, while 77% see conversion rates increase.

But marketing automation also impacts the wider business. With the ability to provide meaningful personalised communications to each customer you can deliver a connected and rich customer experience management which increases customer satisfaction and loyalty. 

Marketing automation also gives you access to a joined up picture of customer behaviour across channels, which helps you gain accurate insights into how to give customers what they need. With this data you can begin to build precise and detailed journeys to reach your customers with personalised communication and help them engage with your brand in a more seamless way. 

Why choose PwC?

At PwC we have a unique combination of skills. We bring together extensive experience at the forefront of digital marketing consultancy and in-depth expertise in IT to create an approach that delivers solutions that are driven by your business objectives. 

Our marketing automation technology

We enjoy continuing alliances with leading technology vendors which means we get exclusive access to the latest insights and software developments and bring these to your project. We support marketing automation platforms including: 

Salesforce Pardot and Salesforce Marketing Cloud. Used by numerous organisations around the world for their marketing automation, Salesforce has a long-standing track record in innovation.

Oracle Eloqua. Oracle’s suite of products cover all aspects of business, and Eloqua is their powerful marketing automation solution, allowing you to manage data and implement cross-channel marketing campaigns. 

The breadth and depth of our offering means we can handle any marketing automation project, from mapping analysis and insights on to business strategies to software implementation and application integration, and experience design to user on-boarding.

Our aim is always to give you the outcomes you need to get the best results from your marketing automation now and in the future. 

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