Enhancing your people's reward and performance

Improving performance, managing costs and addressing fairness. This is reward in the new world.

The changing reward landscape

The world of talent and reward is changing and with that means the need for a broader, more flexible offering to attract future talent.

Different generations are entering and exiting the workforce, creating a dynamic workforce and technology advances should be used to help accelerate productivity, talent and innovation. This acceleration will drive changes that support the business and its strategy.

Differentiation is crucial in a world where new talent is becoming increasingly diverse and completely changing the way we work. The ‘deal’ needs to attract talent, engage the workforce and demonstrate uniqueness whilst ensuring fairness, ethics and consideration for various cultures and demographics. Understanding these future changes will enable preparation for the future.

In an environment where there is continued pressure on business costs and complexity due to changes within organisations it is important that HR responds effectively and efficiently. Pay complexities, post-deal design of reward, various types of workforce and complete restructuring are all areas for consideration. We can offer a comprehensive range of support & solutions through all types of change using a unique set of tools and techniques.

Reward is no longer part of an annual cycle. The diversity of the workforce, changes to ways of working and technology means that new models are emerging for the core employee population - and contingent workers. While traditional incentives remain, we see new models emerging to support ongoing recognition. And the underpinning infrastructure of performance management is evolving to a more fluid approach enabling development and progression. Then the final para remains.

Trust between the public and companies has been strained in recent years meaning that fairness is vital. With this has come increased governance which will likely affect every aspect of your business. Global workforces means that Governance around the world should be considered not just the UK alongside considerations for reward design that works globally and aligns to strategy. We work with the different elements of the Employee Value Proposition (EVP) to provide a framework that drives your strategy and culture while managing change"

When it comes to gender pay reporting, numbers only tell half the story

All companies across England, Scotland and Wales with over 250 employees will be required to publish their gender pay gap as of April 2018.

This is about more than just disclosing data. This is an opportunity to disclose your organisation’s attitude to addressing inequality.

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When it comes to gender pay reporting,  numbers only tell half the story
Addressing your people costs fairly

Addressing your people costs fairly

When it comes to reducing costs, your people are one of the biggest expenses on the balance sheet.

But sustainable change can't happen overnight and it isn't all about financial savings.

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