People costs: creating sustainable change

Taking a holistic approach to people costs - by helping prepare organisations for changes ahead

Your people are one of your biggest expenses on the income statement.

Managing people cost is a priority for many companies – but sustainable change goes beyond making financial savings. It should position your organisation for growth, aligned to your future business strategy and the changing demands of your customers. And, in this environment, engaging with your talent in a fair way will help minimise business disruption.


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Helping you achieve fair and sustainable outcomes for you and your employees.

We recognise that how you pay, resource and structure your workforce is deeply connected with your business model. We support you in an integrated way, working with many different people cost levers to deliver savings and position you for growth, while engaging and supporting your workforce with the change.

How you structure and deploy your workforce has a significant impact on your people cost.

We can help you to: Evaluate your workforce structure and composition to change the workforce mix, review your organisational structure and operating model, and assess the viability of relocating parts of your workforce in order to low cost locations while retaining talent.

Reviewing the elements of pay, terms and conditions and pension arrangements.

We can help you to: Review your employee value proposition, review your legacy terms and conditions, review the costs of mobility and business travel, support with managing pensions costs and use technology to improve the overall position.

An efficient workforce needs to be supported by effective HR functions and processes.

We can help you to: Review the effectiveness of your HR function and processes, assess how you use contingent workers and identify ways that governance can be strengthened, understand the extent to which your HR information systems and technology are fit for purpose and reduce costs associated with absenteeism and ill health to cover changes in policy to improvements to workforce wellbeing.

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