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True competitive advantage has always come from focusing on the human aspects of the workplace, such as a strong culture, great people managers, innovation and empowerment. The right HR technology brings simple and standard processes from the outside in so your people and organisation can focus on what really makes a difference and work at their peak.


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Technology is getting faster, more immersive and intuitive. And as technology changes, so does the way we live; we are becoming increasingly connected to our devices and expect to have constant information at our fingertips. But what does this mean for the workplace? 95% of CEOs are planning to make changes to how their organisations use technology. Organisations of all sizes are investing in cloud, social, mobile, analytics and increasingly robotics and cognitive computing technologies capable of unlocking the human potential of their workforce.

Technology is now a key enabler for transformation. The organisations who have shifted their thinking from “How do we change the technology to make it work for us?” to, “How do we change ourselves to get the best out of the technology?” will be poised to outperform their peers and for bigger returns in the years ahead. Our clients are shifting their technology to the cloud as a catalyst for change, to achieve cost savings, greater self-sufficiency, innovation and agility. Leading businesses don’t want customisable HR, they want to be provided with best in class solutions from the outside that can be easily deployed and adopted.

To truly be successful and reap the rewards of great technology, you need a plan that goes beyond just a simple system implementation. Change at this scale requires a strategic vision and executive alignment, as critical systems are replaced and old ways of working are disrupted.

Capitalise on new opportunities

Organisations are dealing with the reality of a digital-native workforce, and an increasing pace of change driven by new demographics, emerging markets and technology. But how do you turn these challenges into opportunities?

The leading organisations have shifted from asking “How do we change the technology to make it work for us?” to “How do we change what we do to get the best out of the technology?” and are using the best of the consumer internet to help them to drive their bottom line.

Case studies

HR technology sits at the heart of our People and Organisation practice supported by analytics, organisational design and mobility. We help our clients to realise long-term, sustainable value from their HR SaaS implementation by working holistically from business case to implementation, through to HR transformation and change.

We are helping Southampton Football Club to score both off and on the pitch

At Southampton Football Club there were four different systems in place running the HR and Finance functions. We are currently working with them to replace certain legacy systems onto a single cloud-based Workday HR, Financials and Payroll platform.

"We chose PwC to assist with implementation as they are an experienced and innovative Workday partner. We are currently mid-way through the implementation project and so far PwC have bought a huge amount of knowledge and best practice to the implementation.  We are looking forward to continuing to work together to the go-live date and beyond, helping the club move forward both on and off the pitch.”-- Toby Steele, Managing Director, Southampton FC 

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What’s now and what’s next in human resources technology: PwC’s Global HR Technology Survey 2017

In this fourth year of PwC's Global HR Technology Survey, we've looked at how shift to the cloud is now becoming mainstream and how analytic applications are being prioritised by HR.

Two years ago, 68% of organisations had at least one HR process in the cloud. In 2017, that number has climbed to 73%.

While this tectonic shift to the cloud for HR applications is undeniable, is it having the desired impact on the HR department’s ability to better serve the workforce? Our survey shows this is a resounding “yes.” 

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Our global alliances

We can help you to define your business needs, identifying the right technology to work for your business. We are partnered with the leading HR technology vendors to offer you the best solutions tailored for your organisation.

Working together to simplify your business.

We help clients across industries improve their business processes and transform their HR function with Workday technology. We are the most globalised of any Workday partner and have over 450 certified consultants globally.

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Enterprise technology that makes the impossible, possible.

Our business and technology advice—from strategy to execution—helps companies achieve their digital technology goals and capitalise on business opportunities.

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Enabling business transformation through technology and innovation.

SAP SuccessFactors is the leader in cloud-based Human Capital Management (HCM) software for talent management, core HR, and HR analytics. Together we deliver business-led, technology enabled change for clients including industry specific ERP and the latest in mobile, analytics and cloud solutions.

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