Gender pay gap in hospitality, travel and leisure

All progress on closing the gender pay gap in hospitality, travel and leisure (HTL) should be applauded. But with just a 0.4% annual fall in the average gap across HTL overall, it could take the best part of another 20 years before we reach parity. We’ll lose a wealth of great talent and performance will suffer if we wait that long.

How then can we accelerate progress?

Drawing on a WiH2020 (Women in Hospitality, Travel and Leisure 2020) survey of HTL businesses with a total workforce of 120,000 people and in-depth analysis of the second round of gender pay gap reporting within the industry, we look at what the front-runners are doing to move the dial and how organisations can clear the barriers holding women back. Download our new report that has been created in collaboration with WiH2020 and UK Hospitality.

The time for action is now.

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