Workforce Intelligence

Powered by data, behavioural science, advanced analytics, and artificial intelligence

Best in class employers proactively address key workforce issues by combining organisational data and employee listening to understand causes and put in place actionable plans to address these issues. Advanced companies use machine learning, artificial intelligence and nudge technology to embed these changes, ultimately improving employee engagement and productivity.

At PwC we tap into Workforce Intelligence as a source of distinct competitive advantage for organisations and in the Workforce Intelligence Hub we support our clients to deliver data enabled workforce solutions and interventions.

We solve for our clients’ most complex and multidisciplinary workforce challenges such as retention, productivity,inclusion and diversity, engagement, building skills for the future, wellbeing, reimagining employee life cycle, new ways of working, technology adoption and refining operating models.

We do this by combining our deep expertise in workforce with market leading benchmarking solutions, measurement standards, behavioural science, advanced analytics and modelling capabilities in artificial intelligence.

We pride ourselves in delivering clear and concise intelligence, driving tangible outcomes, and helping clients to navigate the rapidly evolving world of work whilst gaining a competitive edge in attracting, developing, and retaining top talent.

Gen AI powered Workforce

Generative AI is disrupting businesses, rewriting complete business models and changing the way we work.

This revolution underpinned by AI and leapfrogging of compute power is nothing like we have experienced before. The pace of change is non-linear and unlike other technological tools, it gets better over time as it learns and advances. The bottom-up pull, rather than a top-down mandate, means that organisations need the right culture and leadership to enable safe experimentation and a fail-fast approach.

Work and workforces are being re-imagined. Like all other functions HR will need to respond to this non-linear change.

We are excited about being part of this once in a lifetime revolution by leading the charge on application of Generative AI in the Workforce space. We are accelerating our clients’ Workforce Gen AI journeys by experimenting with high impact, low risk workforce use cases such as query resolution, recruitment, talent management and L&D underpinned by our investment in build of Foundational HR Language Models (LLM) one one hand and more complex use cases like simulation models, digital twins and pattern recognition in solving questions that cut across areas like workforce, revenue generation, productivity, DE&I and culture

We are dedicated to bringing cutting edge and responsible-AI powered solutions to our clients and support them throughout their journey of adoption and iteration.

Workforce Intelligence Solutions

Organisations need ongoing workforce insights they can trust while they tackle complex, multidisciplinary workforce challenges. Saratoga is our market leading insights solution that provides workforce insights to organisations to inform their people strategy.

Provided to clients on a subscription basis, Saratoga has been the go-to source of external workforce trends for over 40 years because:

  • Saratoga is the gold-standard in measurement definition for people and workforce topics.
  • Saratoga is accurate. Through our dedicated implementation team we ensure accurate baselining to allow for apples-to-apples comparisons.
  • Saratoga is practical. We work with our Workforce practitioners to use Saratoga insights in real life issues and HR priorities such as HR case for change, organisational design, strategic workforce planning, diversity target setting and turnover analysis.
  • Saratoga is global. We collect data globally throughout the PwC network of firms.
  • Saratoga is leading edge. We constantly review the scope of our measures embracing new topics such as ESG reporting, hybrid working, and emerging trends in diversity and productivity.
  • Saratoga is technology first. Insights are shared via dashboards that are continuously updated.  

Workforce Intelligence Consulting

From data structuring and visualisation to more advanced data analytics such as predictive data models and models powered by AI, we provide our clients with data backed advice and solutions that they can trust.

With different systems and data sources, most of our clients struggle to break down silos and take a holistic approach to Workforce Analytics. We unlock the power of data by pooling data into a single interconnected model, enabling us to understand the correlations and drivers; the second and third order impacts of changes or levers being pulled.

Through this approach, we get closer to the real potential of data and intelligence, which informs actions and creates tangible outcomes.  

Workforce Intelligence Lab

Our clients maintain a competitive advantage by staying at the forefront of innovation in a rapidly evolving market as a result of our Workforce Intelligence Lab.

The lab is focused on innovation and experimentation to explore cutting edge ideas and technologies. By taking our ideas through a rigorous innovation process, from incubation to test and release, with a fail fast and learn approach, we help our clients to stay competitive in a rapidly evolving market.

Turnover report - Saratoga

Labour disruption is having an impact on business talent strategy. Many employees are remaining in the workforce and are simply leaving positions for jobs with better pay, benefits, opportunities for growth — or all the above.

How can you maintain a competitive advantage in today’s labour market? Data-driven insights on turnover from PwC’s annual Saratoga Benchmarking Report can help.

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Data Driven Employee Experience

Our unique approach to Employee Experience is powered by our Employee Experience Platform, which is a human-centered design tool that combines at scale data collection with analysis and natural language processing to engage employees and key stakeholders in the design process. The approach combines data and behaviour sciences and leverages a library of 450+ Moments that Matter to help clients quantify Employee Experience using a construct called RoX (Return on Experience) and takes a journey based approach to design technology, process, culture and operating model.

Our employee experience led approach helped a multinational pharma client of ours define the future HR operating model in a post merger scenario. Our work with this client was recognised as a part of MCA awards 2021.

We are thrilled that our approach has recently been recognised by IDC as PwC was named a Leader in the IDC MarketScape: Worldwide Employee Experience Consulting Services.

“PwC offers a differentiated combination of expertise across HR, business, and people strategies and resource management that serves organizations looking to understand how HR and people strategies mesh with business goals and planning.”

IDC MarketScape: Worldwide Employee Experience Consulting Services 2022–2023 Vendor Assessment

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Today’s world is fast-moving, uncertain and unpredictable. Our digital products have been built to help better understand and navigate your business issues so that you can adapt and grow in the face of disruption.

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