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With businesses increasingly operating in multiple territories and across international borders, the levels of complexity and risk around people issues increases dramatically. With complicated interactions among internal stakeholders and decision makers, employees increasingly working across borders and the myriad different country and regional employment and taxation regimes to deal with, businesses are looking for an adviser that can meet all their employment and payroll needs.

On top of all of this, companies are dealing with the challenges of new business models and an increasingly diverse workforce which brings together employees and an array of different contractual arrangements, ‘gig’ talent and other contingent workers. Getting your employment tax position right has never been more challenging and the financial and operational risks associated only continue to grow.

“In an increasingly complex global environment, employers face unique challenges in dealing with the tax implications of recruiting, rewarding, retaining and incentivising their employees, particularly when you consider an environment where location is no longer such an issue.”

John Harding,Global Employment Tax & Payroll Leader

Keeping up-to-date with the latest changes in legislation and meeting your obligations is a challenge, particularly given the increased compliance and enforcement activities by taxation authorities across the world. Businesses need to ensure that they understand and are managing:

  • The tax and social security risks that their reward policies and working practices may be creating.
  • Which countries those risks are arising in and where they are greatest.
  • The impact of current and impending legislative changes.
  • The extent to which they are impacted by minimum wage, pay parity reporting and wider social legislative requirements.
  • The operational effectiveness of their payroll function and the extent to which they can get valuable business insights from the analytics and reporting capabilities it can provide.

Our leading national Employment Tax and Payroll practice has vast experience across the UK and internationally to support you on all of these points, share insights and deliver optimal outcomes for your organisation.

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Our specialists bring the experience of our domestic as well as Global network to provide practical solutions to help you manage the risk, cost and operational challenges that are involved in employing people. Our use of technology solutions, data led consulting and deep technical expertise means that we are able to provide a unique and proactive approach to managing your people issues.

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