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A complete solution to transform and manage all aspects of your workforce in a complex and changing world

From hybrid working and ever-changing regulations to the challenge of recruiting and retaining talent, the world of work continues to change at a rapid pace. People are your most important asset and staying ahead of these trends requires leading organisations to work smarter and more efficiently to manage the workforce, maintain compliance and empower employees. Transforming your workforce strategy and management through a human-led, tech-powered approach allows you to overcome these challenges and to make more intelligent decisions.

The right HR technology allows you to focus on what really makes a difference to your organisation and your people - allowing you to make more strategic decisions based on real-time data to deliver an exceptional employee experience and enable your workforce strategy. As one of the largest Dayforce implementation partners, we bring together our PwC expertise with powerful technology to provide a complete solution.

Get the depth and breadth of experience you need to make your Dayforce journey a success. Working with us, you will have access to our extensive expertise in all aspects of Dayforce functionality and related areas such as target operating models, business processes, payroll compliance, risk assurance and change management. 

With our leading HR transformation capability and our Business, eXperience and Technology (BXT) methodology we will help you ensure that employee experience drives the design and adoption of the system, not the other way round. Alongside our BXT approach, we also use Dayforce’s proven methodology for successful implementation and adoption of your new HR and Payroll technology.

Bringing together our HR transformation and technology expertise, we have implemented HCM in more than 50 countries, for over 100 organisations and supported many clients with their Dayforce journey. We benefit from a unique position in the market - with a team of over 60 Dayforce consultants in the UK, we have the right team with the right capability to set you up for success. 

How we can help

Technology is a cornerstone element of any successful HR transformation project.  We support organisations in moving to Dayforce, providing the tools to simplify and automate their HR processes and quickly gain intelligent insight into their company’s talent needs, workforce management and payroll.

Learn how our Dayforce solutions can help streamline your organisation’s processes, improve efficiency and make your business more flexible in a changing world:

HR Transformation

Transform your HR function to drive change, engage your people and reach your business objectives. 

Our business-led approach and deep, industry-specific HR transformation, strategy and change management expertise, powered by Dayforce’s always-on, cloud-based HR platform, enables organisations to:

  • create a more high performing HR function by automating, simplifying and streamlining administrative tasks 
  • eliminate HR information silos, providing a single, centralised source of all people data in one place
  • improve HR efficiency and make more proactive, informed workforce decisions with access to valuable HR analytics that give a deeper understanding of the business

Payroll Transformation

Transform your payroll process to increase accuracy and efficiency, allowing you to better focus on business priorities and increase staff loyalty.

With access to essential skills and knowledge from our experienced payroll professionals, we will support you to modernise your payroll experience. Dayforce’s unique payroll capabilities in 160+ countries removes the need for multiple systems and integrations and provides a single pay and time engine. Our market leading Payroll Transformation solution enables organisations to:

  • ensure employees are paid accurately, on time, and when they need it by using a single platform that reduces the risk of delayed or failed imports
  • actively manage compliance by configuring pay and taxes calculations based on a variety of regulations and operational locations
  • save time from rework through continuous pay calculation as time is captured
  • access and audit data continuously throughout the pay cycle, gaining real-time visibility into payroll data across locales

Workforce Management Transformation

Transform your workforce management to empower and retain your staff while driving cost efficiencies on your largest business investment.

Our human-led, tech-powered workforce management solution allows organisations to:

  • more effectively manage labour expenses by automating time and attendance tracking
  • become an employer of choice through more balanced and flexible workload scheduling that accommodates employees and increases employee engagement, wellbeing and retention
  • provide managers with real-time data that allows them to make proactive, data-driven decisions that support agile operations

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