Anika Mashru

Anika Mashru

Senior Manager, PwC United Kingdom

Anika is a Senior Manager working across our Strategic Reward and Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DE&I) teams.

Anika's Strategic Reward role focuses on Remuneration Committee advisory work, driven by aligning company strategy with executive pay often via innovative incentive plans, and cascading this throughout the organisation. She has a particular focus on integrating ESG into incentive plans, and equipping Remuneration Committees to truly take into account wider workforce pay and conditions, ensuring fair and responsible outcomes.

Anika's DE&I support ranges across diversity data permissibility advice, communications, inclusion surveys, policy review, and DE&I strategy design. Linked with her reward role, Anika is particularly focused on helping companies to develop and set effective, data-led DE&I targets, and she has written a number of blogs on this topic.

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