Reducing costs rapidly

We work alongside management to drive operational change and increase value. Combining our pragmatic restructuring skills with functional and industry knowledge, we support organisations in a number of areas.

Rapid cost reduction

Weakness in global growth and the continuous threat of disruptive market entrants mean that the focus on rapid cost reduction is increasing.

A number of businesses are working with us to rapidly reduce costs, and avoid a potential crisis further down the line. Together we design and implement commercially viable plans, which generate quick results. We know our clients value rapid results and we use skills honed in restructuring to deliver tangible financial results in short timeframes.

Regaining control

Ensuring liquidity is managed efficiently, and that existing assets are used appropriately, is essential. We help businesses conserve and control cash, reducing outflows quickly, allowing management the time to plan.

Management teams are often time constrained, and may not have the restructuring expertise readily available within their organisations. We are able to develop and implement realistic and pragmatic plans, giving management the confidence to make tough decisions and drive through change in a short timeframe.

Improving margin and cash

We are working with many businesses to improve their cash position through better spend control and working capital management.  We then drive quick margin improvements from reviewing the operational structure of a business to looking at direct and indirect spend.


Ensuring stakeholder support is maintained is paramount. We help businesses ensure management control reputational damage, by supporting with stakeholder conversations. We can also work with management to ensure cash is used for growth.

We are able to tailor our approach to individual circumstances and needs. We’re currently helping clients:

  • review or prepare turnaround and change plans
  • review underlying assumptions of budgets and financial baselines
  • improve cash forecasting, and to manage and monitor liquidity
  • identify "quick wins" to generate cash
  • develop and implement pragmatic and realistic cost saving plans
  • bring a turnaround approach to launch and drive longer term cost transformation programmes

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Steve Russell

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