Rapid Cost Reduction

Control spend. Improve working capital. Enhance cash.

Through a combination of transformation expertise, industry and functional knowledge, our team provides ‘hands on’ support to organisations to deliver sustainable and rapid cost reduction. We design and implement commercially viable plans with management, which generates the headroom required to avoid crisis and invest in future growth areas.

We are able to tailor our approach to individual circumstances and needs. We are currently helping clients:

  • Review their future strategy and free up cost to invest in new growth areas
  • Offset margin erosion caused by inflation, rapid increases in salary, logistics and energy costs
  • Recover losses caused by COVID19 crisis and sanctions
  • Implement technology solutions to automate / reduce non value activity
  • Help communicate to key stakeholders and staff to reduce uncertainty and ensure buy in and long term sustainability

We are able to develop and implement realistic and pragmatic plans, giving management the confidence to make tough decisions and drive through change in a short timeframe.

How we can help

Cost Based Transformation

PwC’s enterprise-wide approach to achieve sustainable, practical cost reduction to release capital from the business and help clients fund transformation at pace. It is supported by a portfolio of propositions, methodologies, assets, tools and technologies.

We apply a three-phased tailored approach that can be applied at any stage of the business growth cycle, where there is a need and an ambition to fundamentally change your cost base:

  • Mobilise
  • Stabilise
  • Strategise

People & Productivity optimisation

Workforce optimisation can be enabled through select tools and capabilities, challenging clients to ensure the right things are being done, in the right places, by the right people, in the most efficient way

  • The right things being done - our ZBB and Activity Value Analysis (AVA) tools and approaches can inform good vs bad cost and what to continue, stop or do differently
  • In the right places - our leading spans and layers tool used alongside operating model assessments can optimise the size, shape and location of where services are delivered
  • By the right people - our analytics capability can help model scenarios and challenge whether the right people are placed to execute on the right activities in the right places, recognising inclusivity and diversity
  • In the most efficient way - our PACE delivery framework and tools within it, such as Robotics Process Automation (RPA) cover end to end process and operational excellence, from diagnostic to design, execute and sustain

Procurement & Supply Chain

Third parties typically account for 50% of operating expenses and more than 70% of emissions. Therefore, effective Procurement & Supply Chain management is pivotal to any public or private sector organisation.

Our category and industry experts can help you achieve sustainable and measurable impact on your supply chain. They are supported by advanced analytics tools and market leading procurement practices to help you reduce cost, carbon and risk in your organisation as part of BAU transformation, restructuring or an M&A transaction.


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