Mobilising business and capital to achieve inclusive economic growth

Reducing poverty and inequality with inclusive capital markets and business models for donors, multinationals, foundations and financial institutions

More than two billion of the world’s population still live below the poverty line, with 780 million people remaining in extreme poverty. Despite sustained wealth creation in recent years, this presents a huge risk to the global economy as migration, revolution, conflict, disaffected youth and unemployment continue to fracture societies.

Working with donors, investors and businesses, we’re helping tackle global poverty and rising inequality through:

  • Encouraging and advocating responsible business behaviour
  • Profitable business models that address the needs of employees, consumers and producers
  • Inclusive capital markets that are more attractive for foreign investors
  • Equality of opportunity for all, including more empowered women in the workforce
  • Creating more (and better) jobs for poorer people
  • Introducing recognition and protection for people in the informal economy

Service areas

Mobilising business

Uncover the opportunities in developing countries in a way that promotes inclusive economic growth using our extensive experience. We can help you:

  • design and implement commercially sustainable and scalable inclusive business models that improve the livelihoods of poorer people
  • promote women’s economic empowerment and address gender issues by working in partnership with the public and private sector and NGOs/CSOs
  • design innovative business models using impactful advances in machine learning, Internet of Things, blockchain, 3D printing, drones, and other technologies
  • ensure that markets work for the poor and reduce inequality by using market systems thinking
  • address safeguarding risks in all aspects of business operations

Mobilising capital

Meet UN Sustainable Development Goals by leveraging public and philanthropic resources and deliver the private sector investment needed. We can help donors, DFIs, private investors and NGOs do this through:

  • driving impact in the portfolio
  • developing and articulating effective strategies for development finance
  • designing effective funds and initiatives for the management and disbursement of development finance
  • assessing and improving the performance of development finance initiatives
  • investment readiness and investment promotion
  • gender lens impact investing

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