Restructuring M&A

We support sales or acquisitions of businesses in challenging circumstances to: develop effective strategies to preserve value on a sale of business; or win and manage key risks on acquisitions.

National team

Preserve equity value

Relieve financial pressure

Bespoke processes

Our experienced Restructuring M&A (RMA) team supports sales and acquisitions of businesses in situations of financial stress, distress or long term underperformance.

We work in the early stages of stress to provide a business sale which is properly orchestrated, delivered quickly, and responsive to the different priorities of the various stakeholders (e.g. equity, debt, management, customers, suppliers, employees), and advise corporate boards, private shareholders and private equity firms of all sizes on appropriate value preservation strategies.

We help owners and businesses to:

  • crystalise equity value for owners - which may otherwise diminish through underperformance;
  • create liquidity to relieve financial pressure - and give the business time to implement wider restructuring solutions; and
  • exit unprofitable businesses.

Bespoke services backed by data and insights

We create bespoke processes to preserve value with flexible timeframes based on the needs of individual businesses. Backed by our significant investment in digital solutions, we can process and present information to potential buyers, providing insights and facilitating confidence. We also use our proprietary data-sharing platform to manage transactions and maximise speed, while still providing the quality of information expected from a full sale process.

Accelerated M&A

Where timescales are more acute, we specialise in Accelerated M&A (AMA) where our processes are designed to be run in periods as short as ten days and provide an alternative solution to an administration.

Draw on our expertise

Our national team of RMA professionals offers Corporate Finance and Restructuring skills to deliver exceptional transactions where there are other pressures affecting an M&A process.

We can also draw on expertise from our Operational Restructuring, Debt Advisory, Corporate Finance and Transaction Service teams across PwC to maximise value preservation. These specialists help to improve profitability prior to a sale and enhance buyer confidence in the reported financial performance and future forecasts for the business.

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Robert Moran

Restructuring M&A leader, PwC United Kingdom

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Neil Sumner

Restructuring M&A, BRS IM&S leader, PwC United Kingdom

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