Leading the restructuring

The restructuring environment may be unfamiliar to many businesses, but help is at hand. In periods of change or uncertainty, skilled senior operators are often required to manage and implement a turnaround or restructuring. We provide leadership to keep businesses in control of their situation and day-to-day project management to allow teams the time to stay focussed on their day job.

Our experienced team can help deal with financial underperformance by stabilising the business, managing stakeholder relationships and building a strong platform for the future.

We provide the following services:

  • Financial restructuring advisory

  • Management support

  • Operational restructuring

  • Accelerated M&A

Financial restructuring advisory

After assessing the viability of a business our team can support businesses of all sizes when they negotiate and implement financial restructuring solutions.

In many cases, more than one solution may be required. This may be an interim measure to support liquidity until the longer-term outcome can be agreed, or to generate cash from alternative sources to reduce the overall funding requirement. For example disposals and raising new money.

A consensual solution will usually provide the best outcome for all stakeholders. Our team has extensive experience with all parties around the table. For example shareholders, banks, funds, governments, regulators and pension scheme trustees. This means that we can effectively navigate the difference in approaches and objectives, to achieve this goal.

We advise on, or lead negotiations on behalf of our clients. We engage and manage stakeholders and preempt issues before they arise, to smooth and guide the way through the process.

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Management support

When time is under pressure, we offer businesses skilled senior operators experienced in planning and implementing turnaround and restructuring. We can provide:

  • An independent turnaround professional from our Turnaround Director Panel. They can step into executive or advisory roles in the business, such as Chairman, CEO, CFO, operations, marketing, human resources, non-executive directors and advisers/mentors to Boards; or

  • A Chief Restructuring Officer (CRO), seconded from PwC to sit at the heart of the business. Our CROs are able to take appointments on the Board of companies, allowing them to sit at the heart of a business, alongside management.

Appointing a Turnaround Director or CRO during a time of uncertainty provides a wealth of experience and senior level resource, allowing management to focus on running the business.

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Operational restructuring

We work alongside management to drive operational change and increase value. Combining our pragmatic restructuring skills with functional knowledge, we support organisations in areas including business planning, rapid cost reduction, cash generation, and change management.

We know management teams are often time constrained, and may not have the restructuring skills readily available within their organisation. We develop and implement realistic and pragmatic plans. This gives management the confidence to make tough decisions and drive through change in a short timeframe.

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Accelerated M&A

Accelerated M&A uses a combination of corporate finance, restructuring, and tax skills to maximise value from the sale of shares, businesses or assets in a short timeframe. Our multidisciplinary team can provide businesses with all of these areas of expertise.

Selling assets can help to support short-term business liquidity, to relieve financial pressure and give the company time to implement wider restructuring solutions.

We work in the early stages (where there are a greater number of options available) to provide a business sale which is properly orchestrated, delivered quickly, and managed according to the different agendas of the various stakeholders (equity, debt, management, customers, suppliers, employees, etc). The timescales vary but are often a matter of weeks rather than months. In the most extreme situations, a business sale can be completed in a matter of days relieving financial pressure and preserving value.

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