Crisis and resilience

Working together to deliver clarity, control and confidence in a crisis

It’s never been more important for business leaders to prepare and respond effectively to a crisis. We can help you prepare, respond to immediate pressures and maintain sustainable long-term growth.

Each crisis is different; has different impacts and can advance rapidly or build and unfold over time. We support our clients through some of the most challenging situations when facing a crisis and also understand that for business leaders the impacts of a crisis can be felt months and even years after it has happened.

Working as part of our Global Crisis Centre we bring together multidisciplinary experts from across the PwC network, so while you won’t always know what will happen, or how things will play out, you will know you’ve got the right team by your side.

To ensure that you are best placed to respond effectively it is vital that crisis planning is a fundamental part of business plans. If a crisis does strike, you will have stress tested the plan to ensure your business is resilient and know how to respond. We work hand-in-hand with you to help build trust, understand business risks and develop plans so that you can prepare your response.

“You won’t always know what will happen, or how things will play out, you will know you’ve got the right team by your side.”

Supporting you through the crisis lifecycle


It’s difficult to answer the question ‘what’s the worst that can happen?’ Particularly, when the threats to organisations can be vast and unpredictable. Using crisis planning, scenario planning and testing, we help you make the decisions you need to thrive in a crisis equipping you with the governance, processes, tools and technology you need to respond with confidence.


When a crisis hits, you need to take control, quickly and confidently. During a period of high pressure and emotions, sight of the bigger picture can be lost which can have significant people, reputational and financial impacts on your organisation. We work alongside you, bringing business insight and an objective holistic view to help you better respond, prioritise and tackle the crisis head on.

Emerge stronger

When you reach a point of business continuity in your crisis lifecycle, often organisations move on to the next priority. But, you need to recover and see the recovery as an opportunity for growth. We help you get to the root cause of the crisis to ensure it doesn’t happen again by implementing business strategies and offering technical and functional expertise.

Responding to the UK business impacts of coronavirus (COVID-19)

As well as people's wellbeing and the healthcare services, COVID-19 is having a significant impact on businesses and the economy. We are working closely with organisations both in the UK and globally to help them prepare and respond. To make it easier to support you, we’ve launched a central hub to gather all our latest practical insights and guides together in one place.

 Visit our UK COVID-19 hub


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