Tax Dispute Resolution

Helping you to prevent, manage and resolve tax disputes - wherever you do business.

The tax environment is increasingly complex making the management of tax risk, controversies and ultimately their resolution increasingly important but this is placing an additional burden on tax functions and taxpayers which can be costly, time consuming and can impact your reputation.

With the surge in tax risks, complex rules and regulations, interagency cooperation and real time communication between tax authorities there is an increasing emphasis on evidencing behaviours through governance and documentation. Technical merit is no longer enough.

Why PwC?

Our team can help you manage your disputes strategically, efficiently, fairly and with reduced risk to your reputation. Our unmatched insight from tax specialists, accountants, solicitors, economists, former HMRC inspectors, data analysts and information technology experts can help you facilitate successful outcomes with HMRC across the cycle of dispute through risk management consulting, negotiation, alternative dispute resolution (ADR) and litigation.

We have specialists with industry insight, innovative technology and a global network that will help you preserve cash, preserve time and minimise disruption throughout your business.


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Andy Olymbios

Andy Olymbios

Head of Tax Disputes Network, PwC United Kingdom

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