From delivering efficiency and productivity gains to reinventing business models, technology is a critical enabler of continuous transformation. But harnessing its potential and using it responsibly requires new skills, the right strategy and rich insights.

At PwC we work with clients and technology alliance partners to unlock value with technology, combining our team’s deep industry and functional expertise with powerful tools and capabilities. Whether you’re looking to implement advanced technology such as GenAI, reinvent your business through cloud modernisation, build your data strategy or accelerate your net zero journey, we’ll help your organisation harness the power of technology and transform at speed.

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UK Cloud Survey 2023

Discover how to overcome skills, leadership and budgetary challenges, using data and technologies such as GenAI to transform your organisation and unlock new revenue streams.

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GenAI: Which industries and sectors have the greatest potential for value creation?

Research by PwC Strategy& reveals significant variation in how GenAI will impact industries across the UK and EMEA, identifying both areas of opportunity and potential barriers for value creation.

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UK Hopes and Fears Survey: AI and the need for a transformation mindset

To deliver transformation and growth, business leaders must create a culture of innovation and embrace the potential of AI.

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Implementing GenAI to drive clear benefits for legal

Legal teams recognise the potential benefits of GenAI but have been slow to adopt new tools amid concerns about risk and security. Find out how we’re helping legal teams embrace GenAI to transform in ways that create value, quickly and responsibly.

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Today’s world is fast-moving, uncertain and unpredictable. Our digital products have been built to help better understand and navigate your business issues so that you can adapt and grow in the face of disruption.

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We run, and optimise, your complex functions - to continuously improve and deliver sustained outcomes.

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