Data protection and privacy

In a highly regulated and complex environment, organisations need to be focused on the data they have; manage and protect it appropriately; recognise the value it presents as an asset; and be able to generate real benefit from it, safely and without breaching the trust of their customers, users and employees. PwC, with its strong multidisciplinary team, can help.

How should my organisation be thinking about data protection and privacy?

GDPR is just one of the many regulations that global organisations need to comply with and we know that navigating these different legislative requirements represents a key risk to you, which you have to get right in order to avoid both the financial and reputational impacts that come with a breach. To see data protection and privacy as simply a business risk is, in many instances, missing the opportunity that the data you have can present in accelerating growth in your business and for solving some of society's biggest issues.

Data needs to be safe and secure, dealt with properly, but it also needs to be recognised as an asset and used by organisations in an ethical and appropriate way that retains trust in those whose data it is. Progress is dependent on safely exploiting the data you hold and unlocking the potential it presents.

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