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Whether you’re an owner-managed business, a family-run office, private equity-backed company, or an entrepreneurial start-up, your business is unique. It’s built around you and your ambition, it reflects your vision and it will be your legacy.

No matter where you are on your business journey, for us, your success is personal. From managing risk, to creating value and building the right culture, at PwC we’re dedicated to understanding what matters most to you and establishing trusted long-term relationships.

We will listen, understand and help solve your most important problems. We will use our deep expertise to create the right approach for your goals, looking after your business and your personal wealth.

"Owner-managed businesses are some of the most creative and dynamic companies in the UK. They play a vital role in their communities, they drive innovation and they are truly passionate about what they do. It really is inspiring to work hand-in-hand with private and family-run businesses to help them realise their ambitions."

Susie Simpson Private Business Partner

Top Track 250

There is no doubt that 2020 has been an incredibly tough year for business, which makes it all the more important to celebrate success. We are proud to sponsor the Sunday Times Top Track 250, which ranks the UK’s leading private companies. 

Arif Ahmad, Private Business Partner, explains that PwC works with more than 16,000 private companies across the country, helping them achieve their potential.

Across the Top Track 250, there have been countless examples of ingenuity and resilience, as business leaders have used a difficult environment as a catalyst for positive change and innovation. PwC has been meeting with companies that feature in the Top Track 250, exploring the next steps in the Covid-19 recovery and discussing what the future holds for the private business community.

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“We love working with family and privately-owned businesses and we always enjoy talking to dynamic companies. This year, more than ever, we’ve been excited to hear about the steps companies are taking to ensure continued success in these uncertain times.”

Arif Ahmad Private Business Partner

The Owner's Agenda

We call our framework "The Owner’s Agenda". This framework can help you balance and reconcile your ownership and business strategies, in a consistent, integrated and joined-up way, reflecting that you sit at the heart of each of them, and that your agenda encompasses both. Explore our interactive diagram below, to understand how we can help you identify a roadmap to effective ownership and sustainable business growth.

Governance Wealth Purpose and Values Continuity Manage Ownership Deals and Growth Digital andTransformation Profitability Risk andRegulation Talent Ownership Capital Manage Business

What’s the next step for your private business?

Growth, profitability and value

Growth and profitability are essential to any business.  

Whether you’re making divestments or acquisitions, expanding internationally or shoring up at home, unlocking value will be key to your long-term ambition.

For businesses considering a deal, considerations run the gamut from structuring the deal itself, to managing stakeholders and leadership teams, to realising the true potential and profitability of a transaction.

We support businesses in making the right move, at the right time. And we work with companies to reduce costs and improve efficiencies, streamlining supply chains, standardising systems and ensuring data quality, so that you have a robust financial base - whatever your future plans.

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People, culture and skills

People are at the heart of every business, which means attracting and retaining the right talent is fundamental to your success.

Reward, benefits and pension strategies are just one part of the equation.  Businesses are also juggling everything from employment tax obligations and managing cross-border workers to building diverse and inclusive workforces. Throw in ever-changing technology and the challenge of upskilling, and keeping pace can start to feel overwhelming.

We help private businesses manage all aspects of their workforce strategy.  We want you to be able to grow — without losing the culture, values and ambitions that define your business.

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Tax, legacy and succession

Wherever you are on your business journey, it’s important to think of the future.

As a business, what are your ambitions? You may be interested in an approach or understanding what your business is worth. Perhaps you’re putting succession and continuity plans in place or thinking about how you can transfer ownership to future generations.

And as individuals and families, managing, protecting and growing your wealth requires action today to build a legacy for tomorrow.

We help clients prepare for the future in the face of increased complexity, regulation and public scrutiny. We work with you to put in place a clear strategy, which takes account of your commercial and personal objectives.

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Risk, regulation and governance

Managing risk, regulatory obligations and governance are now firmly on the owner's agenda.

Directors face significant oversight responsibilities and increased personal liability for ensuring good governance, while prosecutors are bringing more cases against businesses suffering compliance failures. At the same time, increased media scrutiny and a consumer focus on ethical business practices are adding to the pressure.

While this can feel like a burden, strong compliance and governance structures can bring real commercial benefits - mitigating risk and adding value from a financial, operational and reputational perspective.

From corporate governance to immigration law and tax structures, we work with private businesses of all sizes to ensure that their governance and controls are fit for purpose. We help to identify and manage potential risks from day one - joining the dots across your teams so that nothing falls through the cracks.

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