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The PwC Leadership Exchange

Your network to share knowledge, insights and connections


We care about our clients as individuals and are committed to supporting their personal career journeys and ongoing success. Leadership skills, strategic knowledge, business insight and personal networks are all essential in realising potential and this is where the PwC Leadership Exchange comes in.

Through a series of award-winning programmes, masterclasses and events, the PwC Leadership Exchange equips leaders with the skills and mindsets needed to tackle today’s leadership issues and translate that into action.

Our experience shows that what will make the difference for leaders today, is the opportunity to exchange knowledge, build meaningful connections and co-create with others to solve their important problems.

  1. Co-creation workshops - to facilitate collaboration and the exchange of ideas across businesses and industries to help solve your most important problems

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See highlights from across the PwC Leadership Exchange community

Leadership programmes

Supporting you at each stage of your career journey

Aspiring leaders

Programmes for leaders who are 1-3 years from a C-suite role.

New leaders

Programmes for newly appointed leaders or those who have 1-3 years experience in a C-suite role.

Established and transitioning leaders

Programmes for leaders who have 3-10 years experience in a C-suite role or who are at a transition point in their career.


Programmes for influential leaders in the community, as well as Non-Executive Directors including Audit Committee Chairs and Members.


Helping to unlock your leadership potential

Our masterclass series focuses on the fusion skills and capabilities that leaders need to remain agile, resilient and competitive, now and in the future.

Open to leaders of all levels (invitation-only)

Balancing Strategy and Execution

As leaders, we need to be able to execute effectively whilst also being highly strategic. This means bringing the future into the present in order to solve today’s problems with tomorrow in mind, and get it done.

Building Belief

Getting people to accept change is one thing; encouraging them to actively believe in it and pursue it is quite another. The key lies in not only creating a compelling vision of change, but in having a clear narrative which builds belief in your organisation and teams.

The Power of Negotiation

Successful leadership relies heavily on having the confidence to handle unreasonable demands, persuade someone to think or do something differently and encourage more open and productive conversations.

Responsible Leadership

Responsible leadership is about doing the right thing, at the right time, for the right reasons. It means putting ethics before the bottom line, making it more likely our employees and teams will be loyal, dedicated and ethical in return.

The Exchange

Together, we can help each other solve our most important problems

Open to leaders of all levels (invitation-only)

Throughout the year we will convene a diverse group of leaders to collaborate and exchange ideas and expertise around important global issues, so collectively we can start to find solutions to these challenges.

Learn more about our ‘Exchange’ events including key insights and perspectives from speakers and participants by visiting our event pages.

Inclusive Leadership

October 2019

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New world. New skills.

July 2020

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