Harnessing technology for people and the planet

Embracing innovation and emerging technology to respond to climate change and resource scarcity

Technological innovation is disrupting industry and transforming the way things are made, delivered and operated. In parallel, society must urgently adapt to the challenges posed by climate change and resource scarcity.

We work with clients trying to adapt and survive in a new world, with technology companies, and digital natives, wanting to enter new markets and use ‘tech for good’, and with governments to manage this rapidly changing environment.

Service areas

Tech to accelerate sustainable solutions

Tech firms have a growing responsibility to leverage their expertise and platforms to respond to increasing social and environmental pressures for their products and services to drive positive impacts and public good.

We support leading tech firms with the ambition to become sustainability leaders, who want to harness their technologies to make real change. We help them to define their vision, strategy and positioning against a rapidly-evolving landscape. We advise them on how to leverage their technology to realise environmental and social outcomes. We help them with responsible technology implementation and support them in fostering the right partnerships to accelerate action and drive transformational change.

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Effective technology policy and regulation

Regulators, oversight bodies and governments face the challenge of creating and enforcing regulatory change to create an enabling environment for ‘tech for good’. This is complex given the rapid pace of technological change and the need to provide an agile governance and policy framework that enables progress while also managing unintended consequences and providing sufficient safeguards.

We work with national and local governments, international organisations and donors who are trying to create fit-for-purpose policy frameworks and enabling environment for technology to benefit the economy, environment and broader society. We design and develop governance and policy frameworks and provide expert advice. We also support in the development and management of collaborative public-private platforms for convening and running programmes and projects.

Tech disruption within your business

Incumbent industries face the significant challenge of responding to the environmental, social and technologically disruptive forces shaping the global marketplace, while they are still trying to perform in current markets as they transition to Net Zero and the UN Global Goals.

We work with these industries to navigate towards tech-enabled, sustainable futures, focussing on sectors where the environmental challenge and tech opportunities are greatest. This includes work with both investors and corporates looking to move towards more sustainable business models as well as identifying solutions and partners in ever-evolving target markets.

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