Our strategy

Our purpose is to build trust and solve important problems. It's at the heart of everything that we do, informing the work we do for clients as well as how we run our business. It sums up our role beyond generating profit, to how we contribute to society more broadly. 

We refreshed our approach in 2018 to focus on ‘outcomes’ in the key areas where we feel we can make a positive impact. These outcomes - set out in our responsible business framework - also reflect the UN Sustainable Development Goals that we’ve prioritised, so we can contribute to tackling the important problems that governments around the world are working towards.

Measuring and reporting our impact

To hold ourselves accountable over the years, we’ve developed, assured and reported a number of key performance indicators that support the different outcomes in the framework, using the same best practice standards that we recommend to our clients.

Being transparent about our performance is a key principle that underpins our purpose, and we report on different elements of our progress in our Annual Report, our non-financial scorecard, and the performance section of this website.

Sharing our insights

As a knowledge-based organisation we also feel we have a contribution to make by sharing our insights with clients and other stakeholders. One way we do this is through our ‘lessons learned’ documents and videos. You can find these, and the many policies that help us to embed sustainability in our business, in the case studies and downloads section of this website.

We prioritised these areas from our materiality matrix, which is aligned with our business model and principal risks, and has also shaped our approach to reporting and the metrics we disclose.

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Emma Cox

Emma Cox

Global Climate Leader, PwC United Kingdom

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