Connected Tax Compliance

Connected Teams. Connected Data. Connected Insights.

Accelerate outcomes with connected tax compliance.

The tax reporting landscape is changing faster than ever before and staying compliant can feel like a major challenge. It’s time for something different. That’s why we’ve reimagined what compliance looks like. Fully integrating and automating the process across taxes and territories- reducing disruptions and giving you time back.

From analysing and reporting, to the way we build our team around yours. We meet you where you are to develop tailored solutions, to take you where you want to be.

Working with PwC means our commitment to delivering a simpler, faster, smarter experience. It means a passionate team of solvers, powered by smarter tech – for an entirely different type of compliance experience. One with the power to simplify tax and accelerate business.

From complexity to opportunity

More tax return complexity? Less available talent?

More insights from your data? Less available capital?

More regulatory changes? Less time to manage it and find value?

In a world where tax is more important than ever, your regulatory requirements shouldn’t be a burden.

Discover Connected Tax Compliance

One team of solvers. Across taxes and territories. Ready when you are. 

Meet you where you are

We know you may be evaluating how to best maximise tax function resources, processes and outcomes. Acting as an extension of your team, our connected team of solvers uses data and powerful technology to help develop tailored solutions that meet you where you are, and take you where you want to be.

Plugged into your way of working, you will benefit from:

  • A seamlessly coordinated global compliance team - led by a dedicated business relationship manager- a day-to-day connection across our network, ready to give you time back.
  • Tax specialists with experience in every type of tax including Corporate Income Tax, Statutory Financial Statements, Transfer Pricing and more.
  • International tax policy professionals with their finger on the pulse of emerging tax topics, helping you to identify possible tax impacts of changing regulations and industry shifts.
  • Tech specialists focused on aligning your technology to the scope and complexity of your business.
  • Alliance partnerships that unlock even more from your tax data and accelerate tech improvements.
  • Acceleration centres that provide resources specialising in standardised processes to supplement your team in new, more efficient ways.

An intuitive, data-driven experience

With increased complexity and volume, compliance is harder than ever. Our human-led, tech-powered approach helps you navigate change, simplify complexity and save time along the way. Better data extraction and fewer requests make it easier to comply and free up your time to focus on what matters.

Intuitive data visualisations and higher quality data help to deliver greater clarity and give you more confidence. Adding up to a more connected, seamless, trusted reporting experience.

Connection that creates value beyond the return

Turn tax into a strategic driver by connecting data, people and outcomes. We combine deep expertise with industry-leading technology, like Sightline, to take a tax-first, holistic perspective. Working across taxes and jurisdictions to surface deeper insights, discover unseen opportunities and create value beyond the return.

As part of the enhanced compliance experience, we’ll help identify:

  • Greater cash tax savings that transform tax into a value-driver
  • Tax-efficient strategies that align with business objectives
  • Tax risks to consider to evaluate your tax controversy strategy
  • Tax readiness for potential deals
  • Possible tax impacts of changing regulations and industry shifts

Our clients are already seeing the benefits. “Two-way feedback and visibility between compliance and advisory mean observations and risks are escalated and organisational priorities and responses can be reflected quickly in ongoing practice.”

Expect a better experience

Connected tax Compliance is a whole new compliance experience.

Going from data to insights to outcomes in one better, simpler process - with the power to propel our clients forward.

In conversation with: Jonathan and Sally

Sally Bradley, our Tax Managed Services Leader, and Jonathan Howe, our Tax Compliance Market Leader, discuss the importance of transforming how we see tax compliance to harness its value.

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In conversation with: Jonathan and Sally

Sally Bradley, our Tax Managed Services Leader, and Jonathan Howe, our Tax Compliance Market Leader, discuss the importance of transforming how we see tax compliance to harness its value.

Case studies

The transformative power of tax automation 

Companies around the world are feeling ever-growing pressure to control costs, improve efficiency and meet demands by tax authorities for greater data transparency. 

For one company, that challenge was especially difficult. Operating across more than 100 countries with different tax regimes, it relied on a complex mix of data gathering methods, in-house tax professionals and outsourced services.

Find out how our tax technology experts helped the company automate 80% of its tax compliance processes and reap many benefits along the way including cost savings, better efficiency, greater accuracy and the ability to make more insightful, strategic and data-driven decisions for the business across all of its global locations.

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ZEISS Group compliance

ZEISS has been a client of PwC Germany’s tax and legal services team since 2013. In September 2020, PwC started using the firm’s newly-launched Engagement Center (EC) (now Sightline) compliance platform to help ZEISS simplify its global compliance obligations.

With multiple business units in different countries, the company needed a clearer line of sight into local compliance issues in a rapidly evolving global regulatory landscape. 

In 2016, AT engaged PwC to develop its digital and customer strategy in order to transform the company from an engineering business into a world-class customer-centric organisation. Over the past five years, PwC has helped AT roll out ‘Customer Central’, an ongoing programme with a core objective to ‘build better, customer-centric digital solutions faster’.

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