Generative AI

Understanding the strategic implications, opportunities and risks associated with generative AI has become a top priority for business leaders.

At PwC we are working with clients and technology alliance partners to unlock value with generative AI, from delivering efficiency and productivity gains to powering business model transformations across multiple industries. Our human-led, tech-powered strategy means we are matching investments in technology skills and capability with an understanding of what it takes to unlock value for business and society in a responsible, sustainable way.

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Making generative AI a force for good

Getting to grips with GenAI has quickly become a priority for business leaders, but in the rush to unlock value, organisations must ensure they also have the right protections and guardrails in place. They should also look for ways to build trust in the technology and the positive outcomes it can deliver. In this video, in association with ITN Business, PwC UK's Quentin Cole, Joey Jegerajan and Tilly Harries discuss how GenAI can be a force for good.

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Generative AI (GenAI) is redefining how we work, accelerating innovation, increasing speed to market, and enabling new business models. But maximising its potential and using it responsibly requires new skills, the right strategy and rich insights to steer your decisions and actions.

We are working with clients to provide clarity on the strategic implications of GenAI to define and inform their response. We are identifying and delivering on opportunities to create value, across diverse sectors and industries from legal to financial services, and bringing our cyber security, regulatory and risk expertise to ensure effective governance and build trust and transparency. Our technology capabilities, combined with those of our technology alliance partners mean our clients have the IT infrastructure and data strategy in place to accelerate their route to value and we’re applying our experience in HR and workforce transformation to support clients and their teams on their change journey and create a culture that understands and embraces the potential of GenAI.

What is GenAI?

GenAI is a type of artificial intelligence that can create, enhance, summarise and analyse unstructured data such as text, code and images. Its ability to generate content, personalise experiences, and analyse data opens up new possibilities for businesses in all industries.

How can GenAI improve business?

GenAI can automate and enhance aspects of almost all business operations, ranging from customer service to software development and data analytics. For example, it can:

  • Improve how you engage with your customers by enabling self service, providing everyone the best possible interaction
  • Automate high-volume tasks, such as processing insurance claims and communications or software development tasks
  • Make it easier for your teams to understand all the unstructured data that matters, including contracts, invoices, customer feedback, policies, performance reviews

How can we use GenAI responsibly?

Building and maintaining trust with stakeholders, from your board to your customers and regulators, means you need to consider how your organisation uses AI responsibly. GenAI is no exception - you need to be ready to demonstrate ongoing governance over data and performance, but also that your organisation is responsive to emerging issues around human-machine interaction, workforce changes, and unintended consequences.

Why choose PwC for GenAI?

We are a tech-powered community of solvers — consultants, engineers, developers, data scientists and design specialists — with the necessary business skills and industry experience to implement GenAI in a way that creates value for business and society.

Our human-led and tech-powered mindset, strengthened by our technology alliances drives our approach to GenAI. By combining a deep understanding of business, industries and regulation with powerful technology tools and capabilities, we help our clients capitalise on the value of GenAI in a responsible way.

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