Chris Heys

Chris Heys

Partner, PwC United Kingdom

Chris is a Partner with 15 years’ Financial Services experience at PwC. He leads PwC’s Market Value Direct (MVD) business, which provides financial instrument valuation, model validation, valuation technology and valuation advisory services. Chris’s team is growing rapidly and currently has 30 valuation experts, financial engineers and software developers in the UK, supported by an offshore team of 18 in Poland.

Over the last 12 months Chris has been responsible for the valuation of 1,000,000+ securities and derivatives for 2,200+ clients, using PwC MVD’s proprietary valuation technology platform and systems which Chris has developed over the last 4 years.

Some of Chris's recent advisory projects for his non-audit clients include:

  • UK Insurer(s) – Design and implementation of a market leading valuation governance and Valuation Uncertainty framework.
  • UK Asset Manager - Supported client with responses to FCA challenge on valuation governance and model validation of hard-to-value assets.
  • UK Investment Bank – Chris led a team to review the XVA framework for a UK bank, providing insights on best practice across the market.
  • Chris is working with a large UK bank to assist the Valuation in Resolution (ViR) programme to write instruction manuals for revaluing all the bank’s assets over one weekend.
  • European Insurer - Buy-side due diligence and independent revaluation of a Euro 50 billion investment portfolio of numerous asset classes, to inform buyers bid.
  • European Investment Bank - Model validation of the Bank's new Synthetic CDO valuation model.
  • US Investment Bank – Independent revaluation of 60 complex derivatives, to support its internal audit.
  • Large US Investment Bank – LIBOR transition program. Chris’s team supported this client with program set-up and impact assessment, in a key and rapidly evolving area for the banks.
  • Hedge fund - Lead negotiations for his client on its sale of a portfolio of asset backed securities (including ABS, CDOs, CLOs and RMBS) to a major bank.
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