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Inspiring real ideas, shaping real opportunities, creating real impact.

Our physical environment is being shaped by the unprecedented challenges of a growing, connected society. And the need to get our response right has never been greater. Because real returns are more than just financial. And real impact is about creating a legacy and delivering enduring benefits to the built environment, our economy and society. Our Real Assets team combines the capability, cross-sector insight and global track record of our infrastructure and real estate professionals, so you can act and invest with confidence.


How we can help

Fresh thinking is essential. Traditional strategies are no longer enough to seize tomorrow’s opportunities. Whether you’re planning, investing, developing, operating or buying and selling assets, delivering real returns requires thinking beyond the conventional and a different approach to decision making. Our multidisciplinary team provides the expertise and innovative thinking you need, across finance, technology, deal origination, asset management, capital programmes and beyond to maximise returns, wherever you are in the asset lifecycle. Grounded in our experience of the world’s most iconic infrastructure and real estate assets, we have a global track record of transforming ideas into real opportunity, connecting and convening organisations to solve important problems. Together we can deliver real and lasting impact.

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Key market issues

Challenged assets and portfolios

In recent months we have seen the fundamentals of the real assets sector rocked, with images of airports, offices and shopping centres sitting empty, and other assets, like fibre and logistics, emerging to play a critical role in supporting society. While predicting which shifts will stick in the longer term, or to what degree, is fraught with risk, we do know the acceleration of such significant trends by the pandemic will have a profound impact on infrastructure and real estate needs now and in the future. Acting now to address current challenges, and plan strategically for the future, is essential to ensure you preserve, protect and create value, and seize the opportunity to build back better.

Accessing new opportunities

From digital infrastructure to new energy, building new homes to carbon capture and storage, or from data centers to logistics… new opportunities will arise from developing two distinct capabilities: a sophisticated understanding of society’s changing behaviours and the ability to rapidly respond to subsequent demand shifts. Whether these apply between rail operators and passengers, landlords and tenants, it’s clear that only by thinking about real assets in an integrated, interconnected way will value be fully understood and realised.

Delivering real returns

Understanding the connections between societal demand and the built environment is fundamental to maximising and unlocking value from Real Assets. And the need for flexibility, agility and sustainability in this new environment means organisations will need to put a significant focus on their operations - the ‘passive’ infrastructure and real estate model of the last 25-years has gone. Greater use of data and technology will have a critical role to play in this. But with cash flows no longer guaranteed, players in this market will ultimately need to pay close attention to not only their customers, but to wider society and the environment. Because real returns are more than just financial.

Delivering and repurposing real assets effectively at pace

As the UK adapts to the disruption of COVID-19, seeks to strengthen the connections between people and placesdeliver net zero by 2050 and reassert itself on the world stage post-Brexit - the UK’s Real Assets have never been more important. With so much riding on them, and with the need to deliver greater benefits to society more pressing than ever, the delivery of new projects and the repurposing of old ones will be under the spotlight. As a result, it’s crucial to consider the ways these projects can be optimised and accelerated in order to create real impact for the UK; delivering enduring benefits to the built environment, our economy and society.


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